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OLB Bud Dupree


(on the defense's performance against the Chiefs)

We put a good performance together as a unit and as a whole. We had a gameplan coming into the game where we didn't want to allow many escape lanes. He was still able to get outside of the pocket, at the end of the day he is a great quarterback, so he is going to make plays. We just try to contain it as best as we can.

(on forcing turnovers)

We emphasize that in practice and it is something we harp on. We have to make sure we go out there and do that and do our job.

(on taking pride in being the first defense to not allow a Kansas City touchdown since Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes became the starter)

We take pride in that. We knew the challenge we were getting ourselves into the whole week. These guys, that is a great teamm and at the end of the day you can't count those guys out. (Patrick) Mahomes is always making plays, Tyreek (Hill) is always that type of guy and (Travis) Kelce, so you can never count those guys out. For us to contain those type of big plays when they have that capability it is always great.

(on the secondary and how well they did today)

Rushing and coverage work together. When we do a good job, they do a good job. When they do a good job, we do a good job. We have to make sure we continue that and continue to get better and better each week.

(on different guys getting sacks and getting into the mix)

It is great when guys are flying around and making plays. Everybody is taking pride in it and we all want one thing and that is to win. As the season continues, we will start to find our cohesiveness better together. We will start to understand guys, how they like to play, how they like to rush, the inside guys start making moves off of us because we are being cohesive, and they know exactly what we are doing in the moment. That is how you build that chemistry.

(on forcing turnovers and how much it shifts momentum)

It is a great momentum shift. Derrick (Henry) and (Ryan) Tannehill played great. A.J. (Brown) and Julio (Jones), and let's not forget the O-line. The O-line is banged up, but they are still going out there moving guys, getting a good push and controlling the time of possession. We have to tip our hats to those guys and continue giving the ball to those guys as much as we can.

(on the energy of the defense)

The energy is always good when you come into a big-time game, or you are able to step on to the football field, it is a blessing. We just have to continue to find the energy within ourselves, give the fans involved, making big plays so we can celebrate, and it will be a great time.

(on if they felt like they were frustrating Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes)

Definitely. That was the whole gameplan. Don't let (Patrick) Mahomes be (Patrick) Mahomes. He is a stud of a player, the best in the league at what he does. You have to control him as much as you can.

(on what was working for the defensive line)

We were just pinpointing what we were going to do and where we were going to be at. That is what makes it special. (Denico Autry) is one of a kind, he can rush inside or outside. (Jeffery Simmons) is a bruiser, he is going to dominate any chance he gets. Harold (Landry III) is going to come with speed, and me and Harold (Landry III), it is just all about timing.

(on if there is communication amongst the defensive line when twists and combinations are going to be used)

We talk about it beforehand and know it going into a game. We try and see exactly what we can do with those guys, especially with a front like that and a quarterback like (Patrick) Mahomes. When he escapes, it turns into big-play capability. We have been playing those kinds of guys since the start of the season starting with Arizona, Seahawks, Josh Allen, even (Zach Wilson). They escape and make plays down the field, so we have to be able to contain them and keep them in the pocket.

(on if this was the most explosive he has felt in a game this season)

Each week I feel like I am getting better and better. I just have to continue to get better in my strengthening each week. Trust the process, trust what the trainers are doing with me, don't get too frustrated, and just know it is a marathon and not a sprint.

(on the improvement of the defense over the last few weeks)

It starts in practice. (Coach Mike) Vrabel challenges us every day. We have to go into practice and make sure we continue to work.

(on if the defense was targeting the ball security of the Chiefs)

Any time guys who get outside of the pocket and try to make big plays like he does, they are always going to have ball security problems just because they are always looking for a big play. We just had to take advantage of the opportunity.

(on if he sees the same qualities in the pass rushing game as he saw when he was with the Pittsburgh Steelers)

Definitely. It is a team effort. Inside and outside. Denico (Autry), (Jeffery Simmons), me, Harold (Landry III), and Ola (Adeniyi) rotating guys and coming in and trying to be hot.

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