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We've just got to make plays when we've got to make plays. Continue to play better in those situations, and this won't occur. When adversity hits, we've got to continue to push and push along the way. They're an NFL team too. We've got to know when they keep throwing and keep throwing, eventually (they) are going to come out with a play. So we've got to be prepared for that. Just knowing the situational opportunities.

Obviously, you gear up to stop a guy like (Saquon) Barkley all week long, and he's able to make the plays he was able to make today. What adjustments did they make in the second half offensively to kind of move the ball a little bit?

Hats off to them for executing their plays. We had the opportunities to make the plays and to make the stops, but we didn't. So, there's something for us to go into the film room and continue to progress.

Randy (Bullock) lines up for the field goal. What were you thinking at that time? Are you thinking he's going to he's going to put it through?

Yeah, Randy (Bullock) is a solid guy. He makes a lot of big-time kicks all the time. Great player. Things happen. This game is not on him. We had an opportunity to make a stop and we didn't.

How tough was (Daniel) Jones? Seemed like he hung in there. You guys hit him a lot, knocked him around a lot, but he kind of stood in there and was able to make some plays.

Yeah, he continued. He's a tough cat. He continues and continues to play hard every opportunity he gets to go out there and perform. Even when you think you've got inside a player like that and contained, he's always trying to make a play. So, it's on us. We should have come out and stopped them a little more.

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