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OLB Bud Dupree


(on preparing for Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray in practice and facing him in a game)

It is totally different. We prepared well for it, but at the end of the day we didn't get the job done. There is something we can always look forward to next week, come out with everybody and get on the same page, and go out here and win the game.

(on if he was surprised at the lack of complementary football in all three stages)

In the game we started seeing it. We always have to be accountable for what we can control, including each individual person, and we all have to play better as a unit on all three sides of the ball. We have to continue to get better and better. It is a long season, so we have to put our foot down right now, look at ourselves in the mirror, point the finger at ourselves, and keep going.

(on his mindset entering the game)

The mindset going into it was way different than it is on the field. It is always a process, it is still fairly new being cleared all the way. I just have to continue to keep more load on it that way I can play more football.

(on how he felt while playing)

I felt good in the first half, but it is still new. It is all a part of the game. You are going to feel it, you are going to have bumps and bruises, but you have to fight through it and be able to get to the middle and the end of the season when every game is crunch time.

(on his message to the team after the loss)

Tomorrow we are starting over, tomorrow is a new week. We come to practice tomorrow, look ourselves in the eyes, look at ourselves in the mirror. We have to point the finger at ourselves. We didn't play as best as we should, nobody played a good game, good enough to win. Once we get a W then we can sit back and relax. You can't take this as a deflated moment, there is always something to build on. We will come back again, do it over and over, that is part of football. Everyone goes through adversity, it is about how you come back after and control it.

(on finding a balance between there being 16 games left with the one bad game)

Yeah, nobody ever wants to lose. Nobody is ever going to tell you they want to lose no matter the situation, no matter if you are 21-20, 6-7, you don't want to lose. That is just a part of being a football player and being a competitor, nobody wants to lose no matter what. There are always ways to find a way to win, so we have to find those ways to win, get back on track, listen to the coaches, trust our training, trust ourselves, trust our keys, and then we will be all right. We already got the group, now we have to continue to put the work in and be cohesive together.

(on how much better the defense needs to be at defending mobile quarterbacks heading into Week Two at Seattle)

The same type of ordeal. Both of those are electric quarterbacks in the backfield and we got them both back-to-back. Now we have to go out and just let it go. We will learn from the mistakes we had this week and then just make sure we don't have the same mistakes next week.

(on how frustrating it was not being able to bring down Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray)

He is an athlete. He does what he does, and it is very frustrating when you get close to him and you can't get him down. When he is making those cuts on a dime, it is very frustrating. It is one of the reasons why he is the electrifying player he is and he is able to keep his team in the game like he did. Hats off to him. We have to continue to work on that aspect of the game because we are going to face more guys like that.

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