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OL Dillon Radunz


(on when he found out he was going to be starting in the game tonight versus the 4ers)

It was this morning, I think it was around 10 o'clock or something like that when we entered meetings this morning. Found out and got the opportunity and couldn't have been happier.

(on what he was thinking when he stepped on the field tonight)

I just trained my mind mentally. We had a lot of time off to rest up today before the game, and once I heard the news, I was just preparing myself mentally to go out there and play the brand of ball they drafted me to play. Play Titans football and stuff like that, and just prepared myself mentally, and I think it showed today.

(on how critical it was to play well tonight)

I think it was critical for me to step in and be a guy that they needed during these times when a lot of people are out. I'm glad I could fill that spot. Moving forward, I'm just happy to continue to fill a spot on this team and continue to do exactly what they need me to do. Love to see where my career goes, and development as a player.

(on his connection with Joe Staley and if he got to talk to him before the game)

Not before the game. I'm sure I've gotten a few texts from him after he game. I know he does a lot of broadcasting for them and what not, so I'm sure I'll talk to him. But yes, going against the 49ers, a great defense, and for my first start on Thursday Night Football, I couldn't be more grateful.

(on when the last time he had reps at left tackle was prior to this week)

The coaches were really good at mixing me in and getting me practice at all positions, wherever they need me. So, I've taken reps everywhere, every single week, so it wasn't so much I didn't have any left tackle reps or anything like that. They always kept me prepared.

(on what was his nerve level going out there tonight on the field for the very first time)

Obviously, like I've said before, I had a lot of mental preparation for this game, so I was pretty calm. Anybody that goes out there, just imagine Thursday night game, primetime, it's your first start, you're starting at left tackle. There's going to be nerves there. But overall, it was just exciting.

(on going up against a great pass rusher like 49ers defensive lineman Nick Bosa)

Like I said, the nerves. I mean, he's a great pass rusher. He's great on both sides. We knew he was going to flip and flop. We knew we were going to get help. So, I had confidence in myself and confidence my team. But like you said, it's Nick Bosa and he's one of the league's best pass rushers. So just being able to go up against him, I was grateful for it and it was cool. 

(on how he felt like he did tonight)

I feel like I did decent. There's obviously stuff that I can continue to improve on. I don't feel like I did terrible. Obviously, the most important part is the team got out with a win and I was able to fill that role.

(on having wide receiver A.J. Brown back)

Like I've been saying, everyone has been trying to fill their role and do their stuff. Obviously, A.J. (Brown) is one of those star players around the league. Having him back is always going to impact us in a great way. I feel like it showed. He had that big catch and he draws attention, so I think it was huge having him back.

(on how his rookie season has gone in)

Yeah, I think my work is definitely paying off, and I think the coaches are helping me out a lot. And I'm just grateful for the opportunity to continue to develop with this team and continue to play this role and be able to fill in tonight.

(on what he heard from teammates leading up to the game and what they've told him after)

Nothing but just, 'Hey, we trust you, we've got confidence in you.' They're going to give me tips and reminders here and there. I was well taken care of by my teammates. It's a great team. I'm very thankful for them, and yeah, definitely felt well prepared with the way the team brought me in and just bestowed confidence upon me.

(on how much he thinks he has improved since he first arrived in Tennessee)

Improved a lot. Obviously coming from an FCS level, it's a little bit slower of a game and not as fast of players. Just going to the Senior Bowl and training with Joe Staley in the offseason, going to fall camp here, and these coaches and this team, and just my teammates, I feel like I've developed a lot. Yeah, the game is a little bit faster, but I feel I've grown a lot through it and I'm definitely confident.

(on if he feels like he may have been disappointing by not contributing sooner in a bigger way)

Obviously, as far as goals for myself, yeah you feel disappointed you don't play as much as you want. We're all competitors on this team and we're all going to want to play more. So obviously there is going to be that disappointment there, but you have to understand that. You've got to be teachable by it. The coaches helped me through that, teammates help me through that. And yeah, like I said, continue to just be grateful for the ability to be able to play tonight.

(on if tackle Taylor Lewan reached out to him)

Yes, he texted me and continued to say, 'Hey, this is how I would do things, and this is how I do things,' and stuff. Gave me tips and reminders here and there. All the teammates kind of did that. Taylor (Lewan) has been a huge role model for me, even when I was in college, so hearing all those words from him is very reassuring.

(on what he feels his long-term position is along the offensive line)

Long term, I'm always going to want to be a tackle, but I'm a huge team guy. I think the most important thing tonight is we got a team win. So, wherever they're going to need me, that's where I'm going to go. Obviously, they drafted a tackle and I was a tackle in college. I love to play tackle, so that's where I'm always going to lean towards. But like I said, big team guy so I'm going to play wherever they need me.

(on the mentality of a player stepping in when someone gets injured or goes down)

Like I said, my teammates helped me out a lot. They bestowed a confidence upon me, and then now it's my turn to show out and show up basically, and say, 'Hey you guys can trust me, you can trust me to do this job.' In college, it's all our mentality was, was next man up. It's always the next man up. We're competing for the team, so just doing all those things it just leads to success, and I think that's the team mentality here.

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