Night Practice Nice Change of Pace at Titans Camp


The night practice was exciting. It was fun to be under the lights.

It kind of reminded guys of high school football when you play Friday nights under the lights. The energy was definitely there tonight. It was fun to see that so many of our fans came out to support us.

It was the largest crowd we've had thus far this camp, but obviously they're excited about football just like we are, so hopefully they'll continue to follow us throughout the rest of the season.

No question about it, the schedule has been designed to keep the guys fresh, for guys to come out and compete and really give their best effort each and every day. I think Coach Fisher's been very strategic in how he's devised the schedule.

Guys have really responded well and I think it's going to pay big dividends for us in the season.


It's still early. We just finished our first week of training camp.

We're still building the foundations of hopefully a championship football team, and it's exciting to hear that the Rams will be coming soon next week. It'll be fun just to compete against some guys in another uniform, but it'll still be us working on the things that we do well.

It'll be fun to compete, but at the same time, we'll be working on the things that we do as a team.


When the night concludes, most guys try to get a quick bite to eat, drink plenty of fluids – it's hot each and every day, so you want to drink a lot of fluids at night and then get your rest.

It's important that you lay down at a decent hour because it's an early rise the next day.

It's still training camp. It's football 24-7 for the most part, so you just want to be a professional about your job and do the necessary things to help your body be ready to perform at the peak level the next day.