Man's Best Friend? Titans FB Jalston Fowler Got a Rude Welcome from Derrick Henry's Dog


NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Fullback Jalston Fowler and running back Derrick Henry have been reunited with the Titans, and they're both really excited about it.

It took Nino, Henry's Rottweiler, a little while to get used to the idea, however.

Teammates at the University of Alabama and for two seasons in the NFL before this week, Henry opened his doors to Fowler when he rejoined the team on Monday. He's letting him stay in an extra bedroom at his house.

Nino was waiting at the door when the buddies walked in at Henry's place earlier this week, and it got pretty lively.

"The first day I walked in the house his dog was barking and barking," Fowler said. "Derrick was like, "Nino! Nino! You never act like this! He was telling him, 'He's family, he's good.'

"Nino calmed down a little bit and started right back barking. The next day I came in he did it again."

Henry defended his dog, and he thought Fowler acted a little scared.

"He didn't try and bite him," Henry said. "He just didn't know him. But my dog is nice."

Fowler, for the record, said he was never scared.

"I don't fear a dog," he said. "When you show a dog you are afraid of him, that's when they attack you."

In recent days, Henry and Fowler have practiced together preparing for Monday's game against the Cowboys, just like old times. Henry said the players are like brothers they're so close.

And during the course of the week, Fowler and Nino have become friends.

"After the first few days, me and the dog have been cool," Fowler said. "The other day I left with friend from back home and he said the dog was at the door waiting on me, crying. Now, me and Nino are big pals."

The Tennessee Titans take the field for practice on Thursday, Nov. 1, 2018 at Saint Thomas Sports Park. (Photos: Gary Glenn)

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