LT Ty Sambrailo


(On playing spot duty at left tackle…) It's always a quick shot of adrenaline and then you just go into the process that every game is. Obviously it's different, but the same. A lot of relying on the techniques and training and practice.

(On if he learned just before the game that he'd be starting…) Yeah they just let me know, hey, you're starting so get your mind right.

(On if starter Taylor Lewan said anything to him before the game…) He had words of encouragement and he was helping me out. He had eyes on me all game to let me know what he saw and he gave me pointers and helped me get through whatever it was I was going through on the field. We have a great room. I love the dudes that I'm playing with and playing next to. Hopefully they feel the same about me. We're a tight group so we know it's the next man up when it has to be.