LB Tremaine Edmunds


(on the Titans and Derrick Henry gaining momentum in the second half*_)_*

There's no excuse for it. They just out-executed us. There's really no other way to say it. They just came out and out-executed us, and we just have to be better. Making the adjustments on the sideline, in-game things. We just have to be better at communicating.

(on if the defense starts to wear down because of Derrick Henry)

I wouldn't say wear down. We preach all the time, 'Make the team one-dimensional.' If they have success running the football, that opens up the play-action game. We have to be better stopping the run, make them one-dimensional, make them put the ball in the air, and then we go out and make plays. When the team can do both, obviously a team like that, a back like that, it's going to be hard to stop them. We have to do better.

(on taking pride in getting better in the red zone)

We take a lot of pride in that. We preach it day in, day out. That's what wins ball games. You have to be good in the red zone. Obviously, we weren't good enough. That starts with me. I have to make sure I'm communicating, make sure we're ready to go out there and play ball. We'll get better with that. I know the guys we've got in the room. Nobody has their heads down. Obviously, we're hurt, but we know the areas we have to get better at. I have full confidence in them, and I know that we'll bounce back and that we'll get better in those areas.