LB Robert Spillane


Sunday, Oct. 25, 2020

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Q. What was the feeling in the second half when the Titans made things pretty tight there?

ROBERT SPILLANE: You know, our team stayed with what we knew and we knew we had to get stops and get the ball back to our offense and we dedicated 11 on defense to doing that. So that's what we did.

Q. Talk about that hit on Derrick Henry down at the goal line and I know it looked like you hurt your shoulder and you came off the field. Talk about that play.

ROBERT SPILLANE: Yeah, they're on the one-yard line. They got a 250-pound running back. There's no going slow into the hole. So I took all my force with me and T.J. (Watt) was there to help as well and we were able to bring him down.

Q. Can you address how you think it went in your mind, not just your contribution, but the sub-package stuff and basically the community effort to getting by without Devin Bush?

ROBERT SPILLANE: Yeah, we knew it was going to take the whole team to provide depth for Devin. Devin's a great player, a great person, and we miss him. He wasn't with us this week and so we miss him. And we knew it was going to be 11 on defense, special teams and offense, to make up for his absence.

Q. You were wearing the green dot again today and how did you feel like communication went on the field without Devin (Bush) there?

ROBERT SPILLANE: I felt like communication went well. Vinny is also out there talking. We have a secondary who knows what's going on. Even our D-linemen and outside linebackers in front of us are very in tune with the communication of the defense. So it makes my job pretty simple just getting them the calls and then the secondary communication and going from there.

Q. How much are you and Vince, the guys in the middle of the defense, aided with the job that Bud (Dupree) and T.J. (Watt) have been doing against some of these big time running backs crashing in on the edge and making sure they're not bouncing anything to the outside?

ROBERT SPILLANE: Not just Bud (Dupree) and T.J. (Watt), but don't forget Cam (Heyward), Tyson (Alualu), and Stephon Tuitt because those guys don't get blocked often and if they do it's for a very short time. So playing behind them and then having Minkah (Fitzpatrick) and Terrell (Edmunds) behind me, you feel so safe on the field because you know you have playmakers all over the field, all I have to do is do my job and play hard.

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