LB Rashaan Evans


Sunday, Dec. 20, 2020

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(on playing physical up front)

I feel like we were really, really wanting to start fast. We knew for our own sake, getting up fast on a lot of these teams just helps us out on the backend. Especially defensive-wise, you want to allow the offense to have as many opportunities as possible to get in the end zone.

_(on the goal line turnover where the Titans recovered the ball) _

Team ball. It takes all 11 guys to make a play like that. Guys got to be able to make the line of scrimmage change, and also guys have got to be able to fly in that hole to be able to stop the runner. I feel like we did a really good job on that and kudos to Will (Compton) to be able to get in on that tackle too.

(on his thought process watching the team consistently score 30-40 points)

It gives us even more confidence. Going into these big games, like next week, to have that type of confidence, that type of poise that you need in order to play really good, it is something you can build off of.

(on the preparation for the upcoming Sunday Night Football game at Green Bay)

I think in this situation, don't try to change too much. Really stay with what you are good at. Obviously, we run the ball extremely well and we stop the run extremely well. Using those things to build off of that, I feel like as a team we will do a really good job doing those things. If we do that, we'll get a win.