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LB Rashaan Evans


(on the outcome of the game and the defense's performance)

It felt good. Just defensively as a whole, it was a beautiful site to see, seeing everybody out there make plays. Whenever you see something like that, it is just contagious. I figure that if we keep this kind of energy up, take it into the next game, continue to do the things that we are doing now, great outcomes are going to come all the time.

(on if he was surprised about how lopsided the score was)

No, we weren't surprised at all to be honest, just because of the work we put in throughout the week. Coach (Mike Vrabel) constantly harps on us to not be surprised about how comfortable it is. Especially when you do what you're supposed to do. All the countless hours of meetings, all the countless hours in practice, that is when it shows up in the game and that is what you saw today.

(on what was going through his head when he made the interception)

I got to give a big shoutout to David (Long Jr.). He played a hell of a game. Whenever you have (line)backers that are comfortable with the ball like that, you feed off each other and it is a beautiful site to see. Definitely looking forward to making more big plays like that.

(on the pressure the defensive front had today and how much easier it makes his own job)

I got to give my shoutout to the D-line once again. Those guys, they make the play. Whenever you get that type of pass rush, whenever you get that type of pressure on a great quarterback like Patrick Mahomes, it helps the linebackers, and it helps the DBs to make plays like we made today. We have to give great credit to big guys up front because they had a hell of game.

(on the complementary effort by the defense in today's game)

I think the biggest thing is the mindset going into this game and the energy we had. It was contagious amongst each and every player out there that was out there. It felt like every player that was out there was making plays. It is a beautiful thing when you start to see things click right at the right time in the middle of the season going against these top-notch teams. You just want to make sure you keep doing the same things that you have been doing. By all means, we are humble people, we are humble guys and hungry. This is just another game for us to build off on and we are looking forward to next week.

(on the pride he takes in not giving up any touchdowns)

We take a lot of pride in that. We definitely want to celebrate the small wins, especially when you are able to stop a guy like Patrick Mahomes who has had a lot of success in the league and still will have success in the league in the future. Just as a defense, we want to make sure we continue to the same energy, continue the same work ethic that we got. We are humble, we are hungry, and we are looking forward to next week.

(on being around the football so often in the game against the Chiefs)

It felt like old times again. Last time we played those guys it was that type of outcome, and we went pretty far. Just want to make sure we focus in on the things that we have to do. We don't want to get too cocky, don't want to get too happy about things, we want to stay neutral, keep working hard like we have been doing and looking forward to next week.

(on the character of this team)

It shows you the perseverance in these guys. We have a lot of guys banged up and a lot of guys were out there playing hurt. It just lets you know the type of caliber as a team we have. The mindset of these guys, the type of grit and grind these guys have to be able to continue each week to be able to go out and play under the conditions that they are playing under. Have to give a big shoutout to those guys that are playing hurt and the guys who are still trying to get out there. Just happy for the team overall, happy for the guys that made plays, happy for the guys that are getting better. Hopefully as we move on to each week we get better and better.

(on being able to force more turnovers as a defense)

I was talking at the beginning of the season about splash plays. You just have to be able to almost be patient with yourself and be patient as a defense to know that it is going to come at some point. Many times we try to go after the ball, as many times as we try to disguise and do different things to try to keep offenses like the Chiefs on their heels, they tend to come when it is the right time. Just really happy about these guys going out there to do the things they did.

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