LB Rashaan Evans


Thursday, Nov. 12, 2020

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(on if the loss tonight was especially tough with what was at stake)

Oh, no doubt, man. You want to try to win your division games because those really are your most important games. The good thing is we have another opportunity to be able to play these guys in about two more weeks, so for us, we've just got to go back to the drawing board and just get better.

(on what happened after the two-score lead that flipped the game in the second half)

I just feel like everything that we did, we just really hurt ourselves. So, I really do think it was too much of what Indianapolis did, but I think it's what we did to our own selves. Playing in this league when you make mistakes like that you will get beat.

(on what allowed Colts quarterback Philip Rivers to be so effective with quick throws)

Yeah, I feel like they just took advantage of that – doing the quick throws, not allowing our pass rushers to get to him as fast as we wanted to and that worked on their end. For us, we just couldn't get to the quarterback like we wanted to and that allowed them to be able to gain yardage.