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LB Patrick Queen


Q. Patrick, how would you describe the intensity of the game today playing against the Titans? Seems like it's becoming some sort of a rivalry.

PATRICK QUEEN: Yeah, definitely. Started before I even got here with Ray, Ed. Just started happening 2019. I came in 2020. A little bit of history already started.

Coming out here in front of the fans, which were electric, for us being out of the country and stuff. You can definitely feel the intensity, it was very high. Every play, every snap, it was high intensity. 

Q. Patrick, how would you kind of assess how you held on, despite losing the safeties that you did?

PATRICK QUEEN: Yeah, that's the way we prepared. Everybody knows their job. We got faith in everybody, come in and do their job at a high level. Shout to Eric for getting everybody we need.

We just went out there and played football. We're all brothers in the locker room; we know we got each other's back. All we got to do is just go out there and do it, talk and communicate and go play football at a high level. 

Q. What does it mean to you to get so many sacks in one game, keeps happening every game?

PATRICK QUEEN: That's what we preach, getting to the quarterback. Whoever's number we call to go do their job, we expect them to do their job. When they call my name, expect me to do my job; I do my job at a high level. I take a lot of pride in trying to get to the quarterback. 

Q. Is there a mindset developing, we only need X number of points and we'll be able to handle it from a defensive perspective?

PATRICK QUEEN: We always say if the (opponent's) offense can't score, they can't win. As long as we do our job, keep them out of the end zone, we have a pretty good shot at winning.

The field goals, that's what we're preaching on now, not let them get into field goal range, trying to take that away. There's a few plays here and there we can clean up, shut that down. For the most part, we're pretty proud of the way we're playing. Just a few plays to clean up here and there. 

Q. What was your reaction when you saw the officials saying that Kyle Hamilton was being ejected from the game?

PATRICK QUEEN: For me it was a tough call. Honestly, I don't think he should have been ejected. It was a hit, kind of vicious. I mean, not really, not intended.

Whatever the official made, whatever call he made, we just got to roll with it, just play football at that point. I don't see anything wrong. Were' playing football at the end of the day. He tried to go for the ball and fell down.

I know Kyle didn't intentionally try to hit him in the head. It's the sport that we play now. We just got to adapt. 

Q. So much attention on what had happened in London in the past, very few of you guys even experienced that. How pleased are you how you took care of business all week, from the preparation to getting a win today?

PATRICK QUEEN: That comes from the guys behind the scenes. They don't get talked about. Equipment, video guys, nutrition, all that stuff behind the scenes. They take care of us. They really make our job easy. We don't have to tote around a lot of stuff. The traveling was good, everything was good. Hospitality from all the people at the hotel really made our job easy from coming here early, try to adjust to the time, adjust our bodies, practice on the field, get everything that we need right here. All the people behind the scenes made it real easy for us. Special shout-out to them.

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