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LB Logan Wilson


Q. Five interceptions you had this season was that your favorite?

LOGAN WILSON: By far. That was a great play by Eli (Apple), obviously, to break up the pass. That's what happens, good things happen when you run to the ball.

Q. Logan, did you think there would be opportunities for picked balls and picks things like today? How did that thought process change after Jessie (Bates III) picked off the very first play?

LOGAN WILSON: We preach all week, we are trying to get the ball. Same thing last week with Germaine (Pratt). As many times as we can get the ball back to our offense and give them more opportunities to score, that's just what we're trying to do as a defense. And yards do not equal points. If you get a turnover, then they're marching down the field, and Mike (Hilton) got the turnover in the red zone. Everyone thought they were going to score, but that turnover was huge. That's just kind of been our mentality on defense.

Q. Joe (Burrow) was talking about how you guys don't have the underdog mentality anymore. When did that switch flip when you realized you weren't the underdog?

LOGAN WILSON: Joe (Burrow) talked about it last night just in our captain's meeting. Well, it was with the whole team, but the captains were speaking. And that's just kind of what he preached to everyone. And everyone -- he's our leader. So everyone's going to believe anything he says. And he's our ride or die.

Q. What's Joe (Burrow) like speaking to the team? Is he a fired-up guy or more quiet what's his tone like?

LOGAN WILSON: Calm, cool and collected, that's the best way to say it.

Q. What was the team reaction to him saying that?

LOGAN WILSON: I mean, everyone spoke. So everyone had good things to say. But I don't need to get into all that stuff. That's for us. But it was all good things, all the belief in our culture, what we have in the locker room. And then just guys just believing in each other and playing for each other.

Q. Did you think you guys had enough time? You had like 20 seconds left when you got the pick, did you think --

LOGAN WILSON: My initial reaction was when I got the ball, I knew there wasn't much time left. I knew we had the ball near the 50-yard line. I just wanted to make sure I came down with the ball and just gave our offense an opportunity to move it some yardage. That's why we drafted Evan (McPherson).

Q. Were you thinking of him when you were at midfield? Were you thinking --

LOGAN WILSON: I wasn't thinking of him like that. Maybe after the play was over. But I was just trying to keep the ball, not let the Titans get it back.

Q. It's one thing to win playoff games. And obviously that's why you're here, to win playoff games. But to win them in close games like last week and now following up with this one on the road at the gun. How much does that go in the bank going forward?

LOGAN WILSON: I mean, every game in the playoffs is going to be close. It's going to be a dogfight. That's just the nature of this league. Everyone's good when it gets to this point. And you just got to find ways to win, whether it's ugly, whether it's pretty. And today we found a way to win. And obviously we have confidence in that that we can find different ways to win throughout the course of the game.

Q. Is there a confidence you guys have in close games like tonight, even on the road?

LOGAN WILSON: Yeah, absolutely. I think that before that drive, we as a defense knew we needed to get a turnover, or just allow, just prevent them from scoring. And we ended up getting the turnover and giving our offense a chance to go down and score.

Q. You all have been able to get to the turnover late in games. Are you looking for them, why has that mentality existed really late in ball games?

LOGAN WILSON: I just think it goes back to like Germaine (Pratt). He's obviously the biggest one. It's just something we always preach. It's like you can give up yards, but if you get a turnover it's huge. Gives the ball back to your offense. And we've looked at statistics. Turnovers win games, especially late in games and in the playoffs for that matter. If you win the turnover battle your chances of winning go up severely.

Q. Zac (Taylor) sent you and Germaine (Pratt) out for the pregame flip. Was that a sign that you guys and the defense as a whole, it was going to be on you to stop Derrick Henry, that was a key to the game?

LOGAN WILSON: I don't know if that specifically was. I just think that that was a cool opportunity, I've never done that before. So it was a little nerve-racking, but it was cool for Germaine (Pratt) and I to go out and do that.

Q. What was the key on that fourth-and-one stop?

LOGAN WILSON: I mean, you just got to get downhill and beat them to the spot. I think that's the biggest thing because if he gets going everyone knows what he can do.

Q. You said (Joe) Burrow is calm, cool and collected. How do you describe Evan McPherson?

LOGAN WILSON: Shooter McPherson. No, I think he's the same way. Truthfully. His demeanor never changes no matter how big the kick, no how small the kick. He's got all the confidence in the world and we as his teammates have all the confidence in him.

Q. Does it feel surreal that you're one game away from playing in a Super Bowl?

LOGAN WILSON: Very. That was the first thing I said in the locker room, I said, 'Dude, we're one game away. One game.' Now obviously we've got a big game in front of us, but it's a huge opportunity for us.

Q. I know you all said (indiscernible) but does it seem feasible? When you started in July was that something that would actually happen?

LOGAN WILSON: It's one of those things, like, everyone wants to do it but you just got to take it one day at a time. And one of the things, one of our captains said last night in the meeting was when we had guys come back in for OTAs there was no one complaining. Everyone bought into coming -- volunteering to come back for OTAs, because we knew the potential this group had. And I think that just said a lot about the culture of the guys in the locker room that we bought into what the coaches are coaching us to do and here we are.

Q. If it's no longer what about us, what is it? No longer about us, what's it now, what do you say now?

LOGAN WILSON: I'm not the quote guy for that. I don't know. What's our new quote for -- since our quote is not "why not us" anymore, what's the new one?

> It is us.

LOGAN WILSON: You heard him.

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