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LB Jayon Brown


(on the defense's performance today)

Our pass rush did a really good job, good coverage, we did a good job on stopping the run. It came down to the wire and we made the plays when we needed to and overall got the win.

(on the defensive performance in the redzone)

We don't want the offense to drive on us, we prefer three-and-outs. When they did drive, we did a solid job of forcing them into a field goal. We didn't have any defensive touchdowns, but overall we got the win. We will watch the film, learn from it and correct those mistakes we see on film.

(on the thinking on the final two-point conversation play and if he knew what was coming)

Stop it. I was just playing my technique and had them in a pretty much man-to-man situation, and he got me earlier in the game for I think a 36-yard gain. Last play of the game, I saw the wheel coming, hit him coming out of the backfield which I think slowed him down, and the pass was short, and it fell incomplete. Overall, it was a short pass and got the offense the ball to take a knee.

(on how much pressure it puts on the defense with key players on offense being out due to injuries)

We don't see it as pressure, we see it as more opportunities for us to make plays. Our offense has done a good job and we have been able to match the game and putting up points as well. We are just looking to do our style of football which is to not give up points, and when they do get down there, force field goals instead of touchdowns and try to get the ball out and get sacks. Just have to watch film and make improvements.

(on defensive tackle Jeffery Simmons and how good he has been lately)

It is amazing. They have to look out for everyone on our D-line. Harold (Landry III) I think has about 10 sacks right now, (Jeffery Simmons) had two today, our young buck (Naquan Jones) had one today and Denico (Autry) is able to go off at any point in the game as well. They have a lot to worry about with our D-line and then you have Kevin (Byard) who is having an amazing year, and you know they don't want to throw to his side. We are just building. Keep on improving. This wasn't our cleanest performance, but we got through it and that is all that matters. Just go in and watch film and make corrections off of that.

(on linebacker Monty Rice and how he did today)

Monty (Rice) did a really good job. I was proud of him. Me and Monty (Rice) led the team in tackles, so I was congratulating him on that. He was flying around, making big hits and making big plays. I was proud of him.

(on the final Saints drive)

They just made plays. It is football, they get paid too. They just made plays, but when it came down to the wire and the two-point conversion, we ended up doing what we had to do to get off the field and win the game.

(on the current six game winning streak and what is says about the character of the team)

We are just taking it day by day. Just trying to improve each and every week from what we did good and bad on the week prior. Just have to keep that mentality and not look too far into it. We know we are in a good spot, and we want to stay there. We will work hard each and every day in practice, and then come out on Sunday and get the job done.

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