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LB Jayon Brown


(on how tough today's loss was)

It's tough. We prepared all week and things just didn't go our way. Shoutout to them, getting a win. A big division win for them. We just have to go back and watch film and make the corrections off of things we did good and not so well.

(on what went wrong in the game against the Texans)

Defensively, we got drove on a couple times. We couldn't get the ball out and get a turnover. They played really well. Tyrod (Taylor) got out of the pocket and scored, and they were moving the ball on us. Earlier on, we couldn't get it to a third down. We got some stops, but it was too late. We just have to get off to a faster start.

(on the records of the teams they have beaten versus the records of the teams they have lost to)

It is the NFL. Everybody has really good players no matter what their record is. Today they showed up and outperformed us. When you step on the field it is always 50-50 on who is going to win the game. Today, Houston came up with the victory.

(on Houston's ability to move the ball)

We have to watch the film, but we probably didn't do as good of a job as we normally do. Couldn't get any takeaways to help out our offense and out them in better field position.

(on preparing for New England next week)

We are going to come in on Tuesday and I am pretty sure guys want to watch film tomorrow or tonight and see how they performed. Everybody on the team just has to look at themselves and say, 'What can I do better?' I know I missed some tackles and missed some assignments. I need to work on that, be more of a playmaker for this team and continue to lead by example. I just have to fix myself first and guys on the team will do it as well, because we care and we want to win.

(on if he is tired of guys having to plug in every week because of injuries)

No. We have a really good coaching staff, and we are high on our techniques and fundamentals here. Our coaches do a good job and our players next in the position rooms do a really good job of the standard when a new guy does come in and play. We have dudes that care about each other, and we all want to win so it doesn't matter who is out there. We know they are going to give it their all and they love playing football and go out there and trying to win.

(on becoming a leader and helping out the younger linebackers)
I have been one of the leaders on defense, but just going out there – it doesn't matter who is out there, just making the most of their opportunities. Monty (Rice) is doing that, and Dylan Cole came in there as well. It doesn't matter who is in on that defense, we are just all collectively trying to play together, play smart and communicate and make sure we are all on the same page to make plays.

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