LB Jayon Brown


Sunday, Oct. 25, 2020

# # #

(on the slow start in today's game)

With a good team like the Steelers are, you can't have the start to the game that we did. We had a good fight to get ourselves back in the game and ended up coming up short, but credit to those guys and Big Ben (Roethlisberger) and that offense and the defense for doing their jobs and ultimately getting the win.

(on some of the things that ail the Titans defense on third down)

Just got to do better tackling and covering and getting a better rush on the quarterback and making plays on third down. It's pretty detrimental to our team when we can't get off the field on third downs, and the Steelers did a really good job with taking advantage of that today.

(on if the defense and outside linebackers coach playcaller Shane Bowen are on the same page or if it's a work in progress)

Definitely on the same page. Just have to make the plays when they present themselves, and as of today, we had a really good second half as a team to help give us a chance to win the game. But we can't, against really good teams like the Steelers are, we cannot perform how we did today and be on the field and keep on letting them convert third downs. We have to be better, but shoutout to them again on taking advantage of us not being able to get them off the field on third down.

(on how he felt the momentum shift in the Titans' favor late in the second half)

I think when they came out, they got some points on us, and then it started with a good offensive drive, and I think we got some turnovers I believe and just one thing led to another. But it started with us making plays defensively, and then the offense got rolling and put up points. We had a shot and we took it, and we have a really good football team and we didn't display that today. We ended up losing the game, but the Steelers came out today and they got the victory. We have to perform better overall as a team, especially defensively, getting off the field on third downs and making more turnovers to set our offense up in field position. We'll watch the film and get these corrections and move on to next week.