LB Isaiah Simmons


(on slowing down running back Derrick Henry)

Like everyone knows, that's what they take pride in. They are a 'downhill, they are going to keep running at you, running at you' team. I feel like that's just taking away their main thing that they do and try to make them beat us in a way that is probably unorthodox.

(on the team's Week One performance)

I think we measured up well. We were able to learn a little bit about ourselves. Had a lot of pieces of the puzzle thrown in this year to make us the team that we will be. It just showed us how good we are going to be able to come together and be a unit. As everybody knows, most likely two Hall of Famers like Chandler Jones and J.J. Watt. Just everybody just being able to come in and with all these different players and be able to play like that as a team. That was something else. I thought it was really cool. That was something that I expected.

(on his older brother Victor)

That's my best friend. We have been really close ever since I can remember. As much as I used to get on his nerves and being a little brother growing up, that's actually my best friend. He is the reason I am actually able to play at this level to this day. I play football because I want to be better than him. I really wasn't interested in football as a kid, but I just wanted to be better than him at everything. He just paved the way for me. That's who I give all my credit to.

(on linebacker Jordan Hicks calling the defense on the field)

Jordan (Hicks) has the green dot so he has the mic. He gives the call, but when it comes to adjustments like maybe sliding to the front, maybe checking the call, that's something that we all are able to do. Jordan (Hicks) technically calls the defense but me and Zaven (Collins) fine tune it with the checks and everything.

(on outside linebacker Chandler Jones' sacks impacting quarterback Ryan Tannehill)

How could it not? Just knowing somebody is that effective on the edge. Quarterbacks have clocks ticking in their head. I think having a guy like that, it speeds the clock up. Just knowing he doesn't have as much time, that's something that's important because all offense is on a timer. All his progressions, everything is on a timer, so just being able to speed that up I think throws their chemistry off. It's very effective.

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