LB E.J. Speed


Thursday, Nov. 12, 2020

# # #

Can you walk us through the blocked punt? It seemed like you just shot through there and you had a clear lane to that football.
"We had a blitz-screen lined up to where I could knife inside the seam and it came open. Once it came open, it was time to make a play, I made the play, we scored, and it changed the game."

Did you think you rattled the punter a little bit on the first punt (that Trevor Daniel punted short)?

"No, I didn't. Actually Taylor (Stallworth) got penetration in the middle and I just came free on the edge and he came up to block, I contacted through him. I believe we both made a great play for him to shank the ball. It was a great special teams play all around on that one."

Talking about the confidence on the special teams unit, how much more confident are you guys this year than last year?

"It's big because we have so many people that are Year 2 and Year 3 into the system. We practice very hard on special teams. Our three phases, everything matters and every little technique, every little detail matters when we step on the field and practice. It just transfers over to the game. People have a problem with us on special teams because not everybody practices like we do."