LB Dylan Cole


(on the forced fumble and what it was like to make a play to help the team win)

Just trying to do my job. If you asked me two weeks ago where I would be at, I thought it would be on my back patio watching this game. I am just fortunate to be here, and when the plays come, I just have to make them.

(on being amped up after the play given the last few weeks he has had)

Absolutely. I think it is just understanding your opportunity. It is a humbling process. I went from playing four years in Houston to laying on my couch for eight months, nine months. It is a humbling process, and I am just so blessed to be here and have the opportunity. Like I said, when the plays come to you, you just have to make them. It came to me, so I made it.

(on how he approached the hit to force the fumble)

I am not much of a thinker. When I am out there, I just play. If I had my head down, I didn't know. That is just the way we play. I don't think anybody thinks before they hit, I think they just hit and however they hit them, you hit them. Luckily that wasn't the case today and it was just a forced fumble and great recovery by Tory (Carter).

(on what he was thinking after he realized how big of a play he made)

Right when I hit him, I saw the ball pop out. I saw Tory (Carter) kind of get in there a little bit and I was just hoping he would come out of there. I was just pumped up. Like I said, you ask me two weeks ago, I thought I would be on my patio watching this game. When plays like that come to me, I am happy to make them and luckily that came to me, and Tory (Carter) made a great play.

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