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LB Devin White


(On watching last week's film as a whole defense and how that affected them going into this week's game)

"Yeah, we watched it as a whole. Obviously, being called out in front of everybody – that sets a fire under you. That's what he [Head Coach Todd Bowles] did. Man, he just kept it real with us like, 'We can be as good as y'all want to be because I'm putting y'all in great positions, but we're just messing up little things.' We're just trying to get back to the fundamentals. I know that's hard to say, like we're an NFL team it's Week [10] and we are talking about fundamentals. We should have that down pat. But at the end of the day, you've [got to] do what you've [got to] do to win ballgames. We got back to the fundamentals. We knew that was a great team coming in, with a great running back and we knew the emphasis was to shut him down. I think the big boys held up [well] up front and they [were] able to get that done. I don't know how many rushing yards he [Derrick Henry] had (24), but I know it wasn't enough to win a game. So, just kudos to them for doing what they had to do. They were challenged and they stepped up to it."

(On what was working for him today)

"I was just trying to push through. I feel like I've been challenged a lot and it's hard out there, but I just feel like playing with [Lavonte David], he keeps me going. We've got that mindset -- relentless, trying to do all we can do for this team. At the end of the day, we're giving our all for this team, so we just want to win games. Just being out there with my brothers, that was enough for me. Just having fun, celebrating their success, and they do the same when I make a big play, so that's the best part about it."

(On the defensive scheme today)

"Oh, it was very aggressive. We [were] knocking the hell [out of] No. 8 (Will Lewis). I think that got them rattled a little bit. We could have had more turnovers than we had – we've [got to] get on those JUGS machines. But that's the type of team we are. And like I say, Coach [Todd] Bowles, he knows how to dial it up."

(On the defensive backs appreciating the aggressive style of play)

"Yeah, because they don't have to sit and try to cover for 15-20 seconds. You know the ball is coming out fast and they can be aggressive, as well. It all works hand-in-hand."

(On shutting down the Titans main offensive players)

"I mean it was a great team effort. We came in, you know those were the guys on the board that we knew they were going to feature. We wanted to be aggressive with them. At the end of the day, we have great players, as well, and you know, we don't shy away from the competition. Before every practice now, we go ones-on-ones – you know, our offense against our defense. It gets the competition rolling to start fast. I think that's really paying off. We are just going out there and competing, so those guys seeing Mike Evans and Chris Godwin every day… it's nothing, it's nothing when you go play other teams."

(On going from giving up the most points in a game this season to giving up the least)

"I mean it felt great. [It] just lets us know what we're capable of and we've got to build with a lot of great momentum with this win. That's what we can do when we stay together and we're all on the same page. So, it felt great, but at the end of the day, we got the 24-hour rule. This one is over, and we've got to get ready for to prep for the next one."

(On DL Calijah Kancey)

"He's got a motor. That's one thing about him so far. He's a high-energy guy in the run game and when it's time to go get the quarterback, he's not selfish. After a couple of plays, he said, 'Hey, was I too fast?' We [were] running the game together. And that's just to let you know, he wanted to see how I felt because, at the end of the day, he's a team player and I think the biggest thing about him. He's a high-motor guy with great energy, but the future is bright for him. He's going to play in the league for a long time. He is going to stick his nose in there to be a little guy, you know he's like 5'10 [laughs], but he's going to stick his nose in there and he is going to play the run, and I respect it. Coach [Todd] Bowles – they go out and they go get get guys like that, so I'm glad he's fitting in."

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