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LB David Long Jr.


On what he saw on the final play:

"We practiced that, you know, the red zone all week. They moved me around a little bit. I was prepared for the play. The thing is we never panicked. They made some plays. We know they are playing. We know what type of players we got on this side of the ball. You never panic, just make a play."

On how many game balls does he keep:

"Everyone. This is my first one a year in. You know just playing in DC and I saw some people out here and it was just a different type of feeling before the game. I just felt good about today. It was a tough one, but we pulled it through."

On what the celebration was like when guys got to him:

"It was just a relief because the whole drive, they kept making plays, but we kept everything in front. It got out of bounds, then it was a penalty close to the goal line. The thing is we got to that point, I'm smiling because this is what you do it for. This is what you dream of. Don't panic, somebody made a play and moved up on the field. it just ended up being me."

On how important the win is before the Bye Week:

"It was a big one, it is hard to win this league. We are going to enjoy this. It was a good one going into the bye week. Get some guys back healthy."

On how the team has been missing key defensive players:

"It's been good. Some players were good, with less experience. Some plays happen. The thing we teach them in defense is to prepare like you're starting the whole week. Whenever your name is called, take advantage of the opportunity. Somebody's gonna make a play. We all get paid in this league, on both sides of the ball. Those guys are gonna make plays, it's just how you respond to it. 

On the play he made in the game and how he prepares for it:

"It's so essential. We practice a lot. The red zone every week, that was just an emphasis. Making sure as far as the backside and the defense we were playing. I don't want to say too much. Just be patient and let everything come to you early in the game. Personally, I got hit with some plays. I was too aggressive. This time, I was calm and collected. If somebody makes a play, get off the field."

On if he was still there when they sent the offense back out:

"I was out there. I didn't leave the field. I was showing love to the fans out there, they came a long way."

On goal line stands to win games in the past few years and how the defense resolves it:

"I think that just says a lot about us. Never panic, you can bring up a lot of games, when it comes to the last play. Even this year, it comes down to the last drive or series. Someone has to make a play. Offense made plays and got us some points on the board. we just have to finish out for them and we did 

On the Titans fans traveling:

"It was a big deal. it was kind of flat going in, so the whole game we created our own energy, especially on the field, we are just feeding off of each other trying to create energy. Somebody makes a play, it's flat, let's get it back up. Just constantly keeping us in the game."

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