LB David Long, Jr.


(on returning to play after missing time because of injury in previous weeks)

I have been gone for a while. I missed time but I was still behind my brothers. I was just being a teammate and staying in there when I could. They held it down. They didn't fall off or anything like that. Everybody was still playing, we were still winning and we were still a top defense. Everybody was just playing ball. I was glad to get back in the rotation.

(on how he approached his role this week)

Just play it by ear on how I feel. I wasn't about to just go back out there and play every snap again. I was cool to drizzle back in there wherever they needed me or wherever I could help the team. That was OK with me.

(on winning back-to-back AFC South Division championships)

Back-to-back. It feels great, man. Coming into the league a lot of people don't get to experience playoffs or let alone back-to-back division champs. It feels great. We have a lot more work ahead of us. We are going to enjoy this and then get back to work.