LB David Long Jr.


(On being back out on the field) "It felt good. I've been out for a while. Got back healthy, and glad to be out there with my teammates. We got the job done, it wasn't pretty but we made plays, and we got the job done."

(On mounting the 4th quarter comeback) "It's our mentality. Never stop believing in each other. Until that clock hits zero we have to give it our all, when it got ugly nobody put their head down. Everybody came over to talk to each other, it's not over. We just kept going, and at the end of the day, Titans win."

(On defensive mentality in the second half) "We know we have an offense that can get the job done, and we knew we just had to go out there and handle business. Personnel, communication was loud. Communication was a big part of it. Not panicking, they have a good offense over there, so just not panicking, and doing our assignments, and getting the job done."

(On being faced with being 0-2) "At that point there's nothing you can say. We just have to go out there and play. There's no talking, just go out there and make plays. Play after play after play, and we got that done. That was the message, not talking. There was nothing to be said."