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LB Bobby Wagner


Seven sacks today, good to get the pass rush going?

We knew that we got to go and get to this guy, and we were able to pack in the backfield a little bit. Some of those sacks kind of changed the game. We just got to do it consistently and do it more.

When Jarran (Reed) was in here, he was talking about them running some different personnel groupings than what you guys had seen previously. How much did that bear with the running success they had early? You guys have held (Derrick) Henry under three yards per carry in the second half.

Obviously, they were playing for pride. They were going to come out and throw everything at you. I know a couple of their guys were hurt, so it forced them to kind of throw some different personnel in there. Once we got a hang of it, we felt like we did a better job.

Big picture, Bobby, where do you feel like your defense is at after these last two wins?

I feel like we in a good place, but we need to be better with penalties, clean up the things in the run game. Obviously, continue the sacks. That's kind of where we're at. Eight-and-seven can't complain.

After losing four in a row, what do you think allowed this team to stay in it and come back the way you have these last two weeks.

I think the connection of the guys and I think the belief of the guys that we have and the coaches that we have. I think that's what allows us to keep our mind in it. We knew that we were going to have a tough stretch. But we control our own destiny, so we need to just take it one game at a time.

What did that stretch give you guys now from those four games and the gauntlet of the schedule? What's the benefit? What's the back side coming out of that? Do you think that's helping?

I think the biggest thing in my opinion that we learned is, when you play good teams like that, you can't shoot yourself in the foot. You can't have bad penalties, mistakes, things of that nature because they will capitalize on that. So, hopefully we can take that into the remainder of the season and to guide us in the playoffs.

You've seen a lot of game winning drives since you've been on this team. Geno's (Smith) got four this year, did it again today. What can you say about him in those situations?

It's just amazing to watch. His poise and his ability to give it to the guys. Obviously, DK (Metcalf) has some crucial catches, Lock (Tyler Lockett) always, the trust and belief in those guys. But the biggest thing with Geno (Smith) is just his poise. His poise when the pocket collapses, not panic, get the ball out and put it in the playmakers hands and make plays. He did a really, really good job today.

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