LB Bobby Wagner


(On what the locker room vibe is like after a loss like this) Definitely disappointed to have the lead and give it up, and be in a position to make some plays. It's definitely not a great feeling, but it's something we can learn from. It's early in the season and so we have to watch this film and get better.

(On what lessons can be learned from this) Just making sure we're all accountable, making sure we're doing our job, and just executing. And not hurting ourselves. We had some untimely penalties in this game, we have to clean that up. That's on us, that's nothing that they're doing. That's hurting ourselves. 

(On Derrick Henry getting going in the second half) Once he gets going and once the offensive coordinator gets a good feeling about getting him the rock, he's very talented, a very special player. He showed that today.

(On the Tennessee drives in the second half) It's really frustrating. In a couple of those drives, we hurt ourselves. We have to get out of our way and find a way to get off the field. 

(On the keys to moving forward) We just have to be smarter. We have to look at the film. We have to understand what they did against us in the second half, that teams are going to start mimicking. We just have to play better, execute better. Definitely in big moments and big times when we really need a stop or we really need to be on our jobs and make sure that we're focused and locked in.

(On what broke down on Henry's 60-yard touchdown) I think everybody just got really aggressive when we hit our gaps, and he bounced it outside and we left a lot of space for him in the corner, which you don't want to give. Anybody by themselves with that much space is a hard to tackle. We have to make sure that we don't leave the corner out there. 

(On a franchise record 20 tackles…) It's cool, but we lost.