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K Stephen Gostkowski

Monday, Sept 14, 2020

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On whether he can celebrate hitting the game-winning field goal despite his other struggles

"It's tough. It's part of the position. It's definitely an opportunity I didn't deserve but I'm grateful I got it for my team and the guys that went out there and busted their butt. I'd rather we put them in a tough spot. You don't always get that lucky to have a chance to redeem yourself. I'm just happy the guys got to celebrate. I'm disappointed in myself and embarrassed and frustrated but at the end of the day, we won and luckily the guys are happy going home."

On whether he felt like there was something mechanically wrong

"Some of them I felt like I hit well. It's just a frustrating thing. Maybe my timing was off a little bit. I've been kicking pretty well, definitely a lot better than that. It's a very fickle job and it's an easy job when you're doing good and a tough job when you're doing bad. I'm just disappointed in myself that I couldn't bounce back quicker. That's usually something I pride myself on is on to the next kick. Letting one kick turn into two, obviously it just snowballed from there."

On what guys were saying to him on the sideline

"I just got here and come out and play like that, for the guys to still support me and still have my back was pretty cool. That's the cool thing about team sports. You win and lose as a team. Obviously, in a position like mine, everyone sees it when you screw up. That's why I was grateful for the opportunity at the end. The guys deserved to win. We're all pros here, we've all had our days but the kicking position, if you miss a couple kicks, the camera follows you around. It can get to a lonely spot but you just need to keep your head high and keep on going."

On taking his kicking shoe off and putting it back on.

"I practice without socks all summer so then I started putting them on. I would have taken my pants off to make that last kick to try something different. I wasn't doing very well so I had to switch something up for mental sake. It's just a weird quirk I guess."

On how he felt in warmups

"I felt good going into the game. I had a strong week of practice and felt good in warmups. The first one I kicked didn't miss by much but that doesn't really matter. I thought I put a good boot on it, maybe just pushed it a little bit. The second one got blocked and I just started to speed up after that. That's on me. I've got to keep my composure and not worry about what else is going on. A lot of kicking is timing and rhythm and doing the same thing over and over again. Hopefully I can get back on track and get my timing and rhythm back."

On whether he expected he would have a chance on the final drive

"Obviously you're hoping for a chance. That's really the only positive play I had all day, so you want some kind of chance to help the team win. I don't shy away from those situations, even when I have an awful game like that. I like being in that moment. I wish I didn't put the team in that situation to get there. Football is a crazy sport and there are a lot of things going on. You have to keep your poise and keep your head up. I'm just happy for the opportunity, even if I didn't deserve it."

On whether he felt he over-compensated after the first two misses

"I don't think so. I think I just ran at the ball too fast. I was aiming down the middle on all of them. It's not like I was trying to move the ball."

On how his relationship with Head Coach Mike Vrabel helps in knowing he will still have confidence

"It's hard to answer. I just got to this team and I really wanted to come out and make a strong first impression, and I didn't. The exact opposite. The positive thing is they send you back out there. That's part of the game. I've played for a long time and hopefully this is the last game like that. You have to trust the guys on your team and trust they can go back out and do it and if they can't, you find someone else to do it. I don't think about stuff like that in the moment."

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