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K Randy Bulluck


(on what was on his mind when he had to kick the game-winning field goal)

I think it kind of dawned on me when they were driving down with the opportunity of potentially tying it up, so it was probably before we even had the ball.

(on if a decision was made to kick from the right hash mark)

We discussed that prior to the play being called. We wanted it on the right hash and we felt comfortable with it and we were successful.

(on how the ball felt coming off his foot)

I felt I hit it really well. I started it to the left center and that was kind of what I was aiming for anyways, so I made sure I got through the ball. Yeah, I felt like I hit it really well.

(on kicking the game winner)

It is always really special to do your job to help the team win. Today was really special for me individually. I don't know if many people know this, but it is actually the anniversary of when I lost my father, so it has a little more meaning for me today. 

(on if his father was on his mind throughout the day)

It's an emotional day every year. I lost him December 24, 2004, so it's been a little while but you never forget anything like that.

(on if doing his job well is a way to honor his father)

Absolutely. Obviously, that wasn't on my mind at the time, but after the dust kind of settled that was one of the first thoughts that came to mind.

(on what his father would think about tonight)

I think he would be really proud. I feel like he was with me this evening and it's just really special. All the characteristics and traits that I have, hard work and determination are things he instilled in me at a very early age.

(on if he had a kick like that at an early age)

I don't remember anything like that, I mean, not anything in particular.

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