K Nick Folk


You been through this situation a million times, what's goes though your mind when you are lining up for the kick?

I try to treat every kick the same, that's what I kind of do. So, you know had a good day going with a few extra point and a field goal already. So felt like I was in a pretty good rhythm. 

How has your past experiences prepared you for moments like this?

There's a lot you can lean on and learn from every kick. So every kick I've learned something good or bad. So just try to take the good and move on and learn from the bad. 

How did it feel to get that game winner for the team?

I thought it was good to get a win. I think defense held in overtime and the offense had a great drive going, moved the ball when they needed to and it was a total team effort. It wasn't just me. I just got to put the cherry on top. The team did a great job today. Everyone, coaches, players, hats off to the entire locker room.

You have had some big kicks in your first two games?

Yeah, anytime you can help the team stay in games and win games is a good start. Hopefully we can keep it going. You know, talking to Morgan (Cox) after we enjoy the game winner but at the same time we like the blowouts too so we can have a good time and get the win. I think the most important thing is just getting the win; however, you have to do it. And today was a full team effort to do it.

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