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K Evan McPherson


(opening statement)

EVAN MCPHERSON: Nothing too crazy. Just out there doing our jobs. But I mean, this team, we're all fired up, and we get another chance to play together and that's what we wanted to happen coming into this game. And one more game together, or I guess two more really is our goal. Just to come out here and get this win was big. And obviously not just me. It's our whole team. Worked so hard the whole game. Got turnovers when we needed them. And we just executed whenever we needed to, and it just so happened at the end of the game it comes down to a field goal. I just go out there, do my job.

Q. What was going through your mind before the interception?

EVAN MCPHERSON: I was sitting on the bench with Kevin (Huber). I wish those mic'ed-up people were right beside me. I was talking to Kevin, I was, like, 'All we need is an interception or fumble recovery.' I know we'll get one play in field goal range and I know we're going to end it there. Because honestly I didn't want to go five quarters. I think this team deserves kind of a rest. And so, anything to keep them from having to play more football. I'm just going to go out there, make the kick, and we'll go home to Cincinnati, heading to either Buffalo or Kansas City.

Q. Are the kicks for you fun, or are they not?

EVAN MCPHERSON: I'd say they're probably fun for probably every kicker. It's a kicker's dream, is to have the game on your shoulders and just to go out there and execute the way that we have all practice.

It's what I told Kevin (Huber) right before the kick. I'm like, 'All right, we did this in practice, let's do it one more time.' That's kind of what was going through my mind. And all I knew was, just hit it clean and it was going to get there.

Q. Playoffs are a little more nerve-racking, though?

EVAN MCPHERSON: I would say it's honestly the same. We're just out here playing football like we have all season. So I don't feel any added pressure. I don't think the team does either. We're kind of just going out there and playing how we have all season.

Q. How is it different than the 54 -- was it different than the 54-yarder?

EVAN MCPHERSON: No, obviously 54 is on the left. This was on the right. But other than that, there's not much difference. I knew going that way we're into a little bit of a breeze. And so, my aiming point maybe moved right a little bit. But other than that, it was pretty much the same.

Q. I think you had started 60 from there early in the pregame, right before the end of pregame?

EVAN MCPHERSON: Yeah, I think I tried 60 a couple times. I didn't make it. But I knew in the game, adrenaline pumping and all that I probably could make it from 60.

Q. Was it tough to stay cool right before that?

EVAN MCPHERSON: I wouldn't say so. This is my job. This is what I do for a living. So it's my job to stay cool, calm, collected in moments like those. And I'm just so happy that my team put me in the position to succeed and give me the opportunity to win the game.

Q. After the kick, was there something anyone told you that maybe (inaudible) the season?

EVAN MCPHERSON: As the kick was sailing through the air, like I do, normally, I guess, which is good and bad. I turn to Kevin (Huber) whenever I know I hit it good. I don't even watch the ball go through. And we've seen that be a bad thing. But this time it was a good thing. And I looked at him he was like, "You did it!" All that was going through my mind was we get one more game, guaranteed one more game. We get another chance to go out and win another game. And we're one step closer to our goal.

Q. You're running off the field with the ball in your hand, how did you get the ball when it was 55 yards away from you?

EVAN MCPHERSON: So our ball guy, yeah, ball guy, Tyler Runk, 'Trunk,' as we call him, came up and gave it to me. We have a guy standing under the field goal to catch the ball. And he got it, gave it to Trunk, and gave it to me. Super special ball. One that I'll always have. I'll always remember this game, but it's time to move on and go play the next one.

Q. Biggest kick of your life?

EVAN MCPHERSON: So far I would say so.

Q. You hit one to win the opener; you hit one to win Thursday night; you hit one to clench the division, and you hit one to win a playoff game, what's next?

EVAN MCPHERSON: I mean, like I said, we're going to take it one game at a time. We're going to go into this next game with a great gameplan, and I'm going to go through this week of practice, have my best week of practice and get ready to go into the next game at the best of my ability and to help this team win.

Q. Can you talk about some of these young teams, that historical value of this win? The first road playoff win in team history. I'm sure you guys heard that all week. What does it mean now that you've accomplished it?

EVAN MCPHERSON: It's really special just that our team is kind of creating our own legacy, obviously. And I think this Bengal team will be remembered forever. And just the excitement that we brought to the city of Cincinnati I think is awesome. And I mean, the city's on fire. Probably burn down tonight. And then it will definitely burn down next week. And then we'll have a whole city fly out to California, hopefully, and support us in the Super Bowl. Like I said, we're going to take it one game at a time, go wherever we have to go next week, execute, and hopefully come out with a win.

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