Jets LB Bart Scott's Conference Call to Nashville Media


(on stopping Chris Johnson first on offense)

I think, of course, he's the most explosive long-ball type of long-run hitter that they have. (Justin) Gage is tremendous as well, he's so tall that he's able to fight, even when he's covered, he's able to fight for the ball and catch balls vertically. I think he'll be a tremendous challenge. It definitely starts with Chris Johnson because it sets up the play-action pass for the seam routes and things like that down to Gage.

(on how helpful it was when Chris Johnson was injured in the playoff game against the Ravens)

We would have made adjustments. He made a couple of big plays but it definitely hindered what they did and the deep play possibility. I don't play for that football team anymore so it's not relative anymore to me.

(on how important it is too rough up Kerry Collins against the Titans' offensive line)

That's an inflammatory question. He's a great fighting quarterback and I think the biggest adjustment that he's made in this game is his ability to get the football off really fast now. He's not holding onto the football, he's not taking sacks, he's not taking negative plays. He's trying to put their offense in a positive situation and gaining yards. It's going to be tough because they're not exactly trying to go down the field. They're willing to dink-and-dunk and execute their way down the football field.

(on the Jets as the Titans and the Titans as the Oilers)

I think it's cool because you have to pay homage to the history of the organization. I think to kind of reflect on those players as well. You know, the Houston Oilers represented the city of Houston, I think we should always make sure you honor the past. I think it'll be fun, it's always fun to put on a different uniform because every team doesn't have that option. When I was with Baltimore, they didn't have it. They weren't an old enough organization to enjoy that type of history.

(on how he rates the Titans of New York's Legacy uniforms)

Well the mustard is interesting. I think they did a great job. I don't know if they look as good as the Oilers', you know the sweet powder blue and things like that take me back to my Earl Campbell days. Of course, whenever I hear of the Oilers, it reminds me of my dear friend Steve McNair who I was fortunate to play with. With him being drafted, I believe his first season he played with the Oilers.

(on why LenDale White hates him)

I don't know why. I don't think we've played against each other too much for him to hate me. That comment he made only came off of one thing. I think it came off because I called him a fat boy. It really wasn't that way. It was just a little joke but maybe it hurt or stung a little bit. But see we don't have that problem anymore because I heard he's rippling still with sex appeal now so we don't have to talk about that anymore. He's all leaned-up. He should have did one of those commercials for Jared or something. He could have got an endorsement deal.

(on if he meant phat boy, not fat boy)

No, I meant fat boy. It wasn't a bad fat, I was just saying that he was the more plump of the two running backs.

(on how LenDale White looks now)

I heard he looks great. I haven't seen him but he's a tremendous short down back. I'm assuming he lost the weight to add more explosiveness. Whenever you take off that much weight your speed should go up and you ability to maintain at a high level longer in the game should go up. I'm excited about it, it will be a tremendous challenge for us. I always love playing against Tennessee because I know it's going to be a man's game, and I love playing football the old school way. A lot of times a lot of teams like to play football like basketball on turf. But they're going to play football and it's going to come down to intestinal fortitude and a battle of will. Also, love playing against that fullback. I think there's only a few fullbacks I respect in this league, he's one of them. I know it's always going to be fun. I know he's going to be chattering and I'm going to chatter back. I'm looking forward to a great contest.

(on what the fullback's name is)

I'm talking about Ahmard Hall.

(on what Ahmard Hall chatters about on the field)

I always get excited because I know if a fullback is chattering to me before I even said anything or talked, I know they talked about me in meetings, the scouting report and all of that stuff and he's juiced up. But I think what makes him one of the better fullback's in the league is that he is more of an athletic fullback, he's not a big slug. A lot of times people think you've got to be 250-260 to be an effective fullback. People don't realize that speed is power. When you have to track a fullback or a fullback attracts you and get through a line, now it's a clear path to a linebacker. He's has a unique ability to use his speed and athletisicm to find a linebacker through the hole and still maintain his power.

(on if the Jets will be napping this week after a 2-0 start)


How can we? The only people that would do that is people that didn't expect to beat the Patriots. We expected to beat the Patriots and I think we made the statement early in the week. So it's not one of those things—hey we beat the Patriots so now we're riding high—no, we told everybody we were going to beat the Patriots. There wasn't a surprise to us. We didn't look up and say, 'Oh god, I hope we beat the Patriots.' We expected to beat them so it can't be a letdown because we did what we expected to do. And we know this is a tremendous opponent that may be 0-2 but it doesn't reflect the talent on that football team. I know last year they had a tough going against the Jets, so they'll be looking for revenge as well. They're going to throw the kitchen sink at us. You know, at this point if you go 0-3 the odds of making the playoffs are extremely, extremely low. They still have some tremendous opponents as well. We're going to get whatever they've got, reverses, whatever you think. They're going to bring the kitchen sink, there's no need to save anything for the rest of the season because realistically this pretty much may be the season.

(on if he's guaranteeing anything over the Titans)

I didn't guarantee anything last week. You've got the wrong dude if you're looking for guarantees.

(on if the Jets will have a player on Chris Johnson if he lines up wide)

We may put two people on him if he lines up out there. We might guard him on the sideline too, just in case.

(on if moving to New York has allowed him to showcase his talents more than at Baltimore)

I believe so. It gave me an opportunity. Those guys cast big shadows. You're pretty much on an all-star team. You don't get the recognition for what you do on a day-to-day basis. Now people are starting to understand that I do have leadership ability as well and that Ray (Lewis) was the vocal leader. There are plenty of leaders on that football team and they're still it. He's the face and now I'm able to come to a team where I can try to put my stamp and my identity and what I'm know for playing with: reckless and tough. At least that's what I've heard. I think you see the reflection in our play so far. Guys are loose as they're running to the ball and they're being physical, I think. Now I can finally say the Jets have an identity. I don't know if when Rex Ryan got here, when people said the Jets if they really knew what type of team they were.

(on how much he enjoys seeing Rex Ryan be in the limelight and get attention)

I think it's a tremendous honor for me because I was one of the first guys he decided to start his legacy with. Our legacy will be linked together. As good as I play or as bad as I play, it's going to affect some of the wins and losses that goes on his primary record. So the fact that he trusts me with that responsibility, I don't take lightly. I'm honored he picked me because he could have picked Ray (Lewis) or he could have picked someone else, but he chose me.

(on how similar the Jets are this year to the Ravens last year with a strong defense and rookie quarterback)

I think here is a slightly different feel because they already had an offense in place. The defense was kind of middle of the field, middle of the pack. The offense they already had playmakers. I think they have four first-rounders on the offensive line. I think it's one of the best offensive lines in the league. We didn't have that in Baltimore, that's why you didn't see Baltimore be that explosive because they had to keep the tight end in to protect the rookie quarterback. We don't have to do that here. You see a lot more points being put up. Now that you see, you watch the Ravens and you see that Todd Heap is reemerging as a force on that team because strictly they don't have to leave him in because they feel like they have an upgrade in Matt Burke. They spent the first round draft pick and the young line is starting to get older. So I think it's slightly different that we have already have veteran line in place and an offense that's use to putting up points already.

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