Jason McCourty Tackles All Topics on Radio Row


SAN FRANCISCO – Jason McCourty made the rounds on Radio Row here on Thursday, and he took a few punches.  The Titans cornerback figured it was coming. Having his twin brother Devin -- of the defending Super Bowl champion New England Patriots – with him probably didn't help matters.

"I got a lot of, I guess you could say "slick" comments about the bad season that we've had back to back years,'' McCourty said with a grin. "One guy from Chicago said that I had been in jail for the past two seasons, so that was pretty interesting. 
"(Devin) is being asked about Super Bowls and AFC Championship Game losses. But it is not tougher because he is here, I just think it is tough in general. I think at the end of the season, after you've won five games in the last two years, there's no too much positive stuff you can talk about. But you just hope for better days ahead and stay positive."
Wearing matching "Tackle Sickle Cell" shirts, the McCourty twins hit one radio show after the next here leading up to Super Bowl 50. 
Jason McCourty said national reporters are clearly curious about the state of the Titans, and quarterback Marcus Mariota.

"The big question for me is where are we at as an organization, now having Mariota and we have a new GM in Jon Robinson and a new head coach (Mike Mularkey),'" McCourty said. "I have gotten a chance to meet Jon Robinson and I like him, and for me, as a player you have no choice but to be hopeful. You are a part of it every day and you give so much because you believe in it. I think for myself and the rest of the guys, we know that having a guy like Marcus Mariota we have a chance to win. So we have to continue to put the work in, worry about what we can control and just keep going." 
McCourty said Mariota's presence provides reason for optimism. Devin knows that, Jason said.
"I look at my brother's success and being in Super Bowls and AFC Championship Games and a lot of that is the stability the Patriots have at the quarterback position,'' McCourty said. "Not only is Tom Brady one of the best to ever do it but he is there every single game and we have to continue to keep Marcus healthy and as we grow as a player we'll continue to grow as a team." 

McCourty is also fired up about the return of defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau.
"Myself and everybody else on that defense loves him,'' McCourty said of LeBeau. "He's just a tremendous guy, beyond a coach. Whether he is dancing on a Saturday morning walk-through when music is being played or telling stories about "Night Train" Lane, he is just an impressive guy. Everything he does is why people are drawn to him and why everyone is so excited he's with us." 
At the end of a long day, the McCourty brothers survived Radio Row.
But as Jason wrapped up a five-minute interview with Titans Online, his twin brother chimed in with a dig of his own. 
"How much do you have to talk about? You guys won three games!,'' Devin said to Jason. "Three games! Really, what is there to say?"
Jason McCourty just shook his head and smiled, while trying to ignore him. It's all he can do for now. 
"You just have to hope for the future,'' Jason McCourty said. "There will be a proud moment when we get past this and have positive things to talk about."


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