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Improvement Each Day is Key for Players During Camp




The Titans made a few offseason moves at the wide receiver and tight end positions. You always want somebody established; a guy that you know you can depend on in a critical situation whether it be a critical third down, two-minute drill or critical first down. You want somebody like an Alge Crumpler that's made plays like that.

They also brought in somebody familiar with the surroundings in Justin McCareins, a guy who knows how to make big plays down the field.

I think the biggest change everybody's talking about will be the tutelage of offensive coordinator Mike Heimerdinger. He doesn't settle for mediocrity and he wants and demands the best from each of his players. Vince Young is going to have his ups and downs. He's going to have his ups and downs with Heimerdinger, but it's all about how they can get along with one another in a professional manner and get the best out of each other.


I think limiting the number of two-a-days is a good idea this year. You've got a lot of veteran guys. Coach Fisher does a pretty good job of protecting his players and understanding. He's played the game, so he understands the psyche and the mentality and the abilities of his players. He rests guys. A lot of teams are doing this two-and-one formation where you alternate two-a-days every other day, and that seems to do pretty well for most people.

At first you have that excitement, then you've got guys that want it to be over with, then you've got the excitement of games and guys are ready for the season to start. There are a lot of peaks and valleys when it comes to preseason and training camp football. I think the main thing is just trying to get better each practice. If you make mistakes in the morning practice, you try to correct that in the afternoon practice and you continue to re-evaluate and re-invent yourself.

You try not to get so caught up in the monotony of training camp, because it is. It gets monotonous. You get up early, you're tired, you're sore, you've got treatment, you're in the ice tub, and you practice. Especially for a veteran sometimes, it gets to be, 'We've been there, done that. Let's get to the games.' It's just trying to condition yourself to a way of thinking so that you stay sharp every practice.


I loved training camp in Nashville, especially the way Coach Fisher's done it with veteran players, letting them go home and sleep in their own beds. I don't know if you can put a price on how good that feels at times. Hospital beds are not that bad, they've got good comforters, but when it comes down to it, you really would love to be in your own bed with your wife or whatever. It's just good to get away and not be in a hotel setting. You get away from the players and coaches and you get to be by yourself.

I loved that. I went to camps where we went off someplace, and you're isolated from distractions, which is not necessarily a bad thing, but I prefer the way Coach Fisher has done it these last two years. The players will be right there at Baptist Sports Park in their own locker room, in their own facilities, their own training room and showers, and then they'll get to go home at night. I would appreciate that.

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