Hot Topics from Mularkey, Robinson at Titans Event



NASHVILLE, Tenn. –** Titans coach Mike Mularkey and general manager Jon Robinson joined radio play-by-play man Mike Keith for a Nashville Sports Council reception at the Millennium Maxwell House Hotel on Monday night.

At the event, the 2017 rookie class was introduced to fans.

A look at some of the highlights from the event:


Mularkey on quarterback Marcus Mariota's progress…**

"It is not surprising, because that is who he is. That's who he was before the injury, and that's how he is going to be forever. He does things the right way. He is very self-driven, and when it came to the injury it was very easy to trust that when he went out to Oregon he was going to do everything he could to come back here and be close to 100 percent. We are being smart with him. He is really trying his hardest to get in on team plays, and in May and June, why risk it? We have waited this long… But when he comes back in (July), he won't even be on the injury list, he'll be like Marcus Mariota. It doesn't surprise me (how quickly he's come back). He's the first guy in the building every day. He works at it, works at everything he does. That's why he's as accomplished as he is."

Robinson on free agent additions Logan Ryan and Johnathan Cyprien…

"Logan was a really productive guy for New England, a lot of disrupted passes, a lot of interceptions. He is doing that now. Cyprien, he really takes the air out of the hole on run plays. He's an explosive player, aggressive guy. There have been a couple of throws over the middle of the field that when we get to the fall, I don't know if the receiver is really going to want to catch it because he is lurking back there. … He is pretty big."


Mularkey on defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau…**

"He gets younger and younger. He is an amazing man. I am blessed that I get a chance to work with him, and have him on my staff. He is going strong. He is passionate. I walked by a meeting (recently) and he had the defense in there, and I stood outside the door – no one knew I was outside the door. And I listened to him, and it was May 15th, and the passion – I was ready to play. The way he's talking to these guys in May, boy, if you are not excited about playing football, especially for coach LeBeau … "

Robinson on first-round picks Corey Davis and Adoree' Jackson…

"Corey played outside receiver (in college), he played inside receiver. He was really good with the ball in his hands. He could go up in a crowd and make a play. … His determination. ... He's a smart guy, and we spent a lot of time with him in the classroom. He was a very determined player who wanted to be good. With Adoree', a very good athlete who can play outside corner, he can play inside corner. He's a good match player who can come up and tackle. He has very good ball skills, is good with the ball in his hands in the return game. We feel like with both of these guys, not only did we get two really good football players who are going to help us win, but they are both great locker room guys and they are going to be great community guys in Nashville. We are excited to add both of those guys with those picks."


Mularkey on offensive lineman Quinton Spain taking his shirt off at Predators games…**

"You know what I did (smiling)? In a team meeting I always do Titans in the Community and I put up a fake text from Mayor Megan Barry that said: 'Although we appreciate the support your team has given the Predators, it is rather grotesque and disgusting when Quinton Spain takes his shirt off.' … He will not take his shirt off now (laughing)."

Robinson on controlling owner Amy Adams Strunk…

"Talking to some of the older (players), them seeing her around they can see the passion that she has for this football team and for this community. She is a great woman to work for, she is easy to talk to. You can have the easy conversation with her, you can have the tough conversation with her. In the end she just wants us to work hard and put a product out on the field that she can be proud of, that the city can be proud of and that her family can be proud of. I can't say enough great things about how good she has been to me and my family and for the opportunity that she gave us to come back to Nashville and come home for me back to Tennessee. It really has been good."


Mularkey on Titans training camp schedule….**

"We have more open practices this year than we have since I've been here. I think we have 14 open practices. I try and have Monday night practices after Saturday games to give fans a chance to come out after work. It's cooler and players seem to have better practices on Monday nights. Also, it gives them a little more time to recover from the games. … We'll have different times when we practice so fans will have an opportunity to come watch us."

Robinson on winning at Nissan Stadium, and Titans fans….

"To see the two-tone blue (fans) clapping and applauding and embracing the style of football that we want to play. … We are going to do things a certain way, and Mike and I are very much alike in that we like to play football with a tough mindset. And we know that our fans are a bunch of tough, gritty guys and gals who work hard for a living and we appreciate their support. Just stay with us, because we are going to get there."

Titans head coach Mike Mularkey, GM Jon Robinson speak at a reception hosted by the Nashville Sports Council Monday night. (Photos: Gary Glenn)

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