Holy Smokes Metcalf! Analysts Think Receiver D.K. Metcalf Would be Perfect for the Titans, But Will He Be Around at 19?


INDIANAPOLIS – D.K. did more than O.K. here at the NFL Combine.

Now, the question is: Did Ole Miss receiver D.K. Metcalf do so well, he took himself out of contention for the Titans with the 19th pick of the NFL Draft?

Because NFL Network's Daniel Jeremiah thinks he'd be a perfect fit alongside receiver Corey Davis in Tennessee.

"He would give them another dynamic player on offense – somebody you have to fear," Jeremiah said of Metcalf. "Corey has shown flashes of what he can be, and if you could get some more firepower for that offense it would really benefit Marcus Mariota. Metcalf would give (the Titans) that.

"And Metcalf, he looks like a Batman suit."

It was 'Holy Smokes Metcalf!' here at the NFL Combine.

After a shirtless photo of Metcalf – with his six-pack abs and hulking frame – went viral leading up to the Combine, the 6-foot-3, 228-pound receiver lived up to the hype with his performance before NFL scouts.

First off, would you believe some folks questioned the authenticity of the photo? A few days later, another photo of a shirtless Metcalf appeared on social media with teammate A.J. Brown.

"There's no photoshop in that picture," Metcalf said at the Combine. "I know the work I put in so I'm not worried about what other people are gonna say."

There was no denying what everyone saw in Indy.

Metcalf ran a 4.33 40-yard dash, turned in a 40.5-inch vertical leap, and also did an 11-foot-2 broad jump. He looked good moving and catching the ball in drills, and he bench pressed 225 pounds 27 times. Metcalf, in fact, did so well, some think he might've pole vaulted himself into the top 10.

Jeremiah bumped Metcalf up to No.16 on his top 50 list.

"What the heck?," NFL Network draft analyst Charles Davis said of Metcalf, shaking his head at his combine performance, and his size. "I looked at the viral video, and I looked in the mirror and got really embarrassed. Metcalf makes a lot of sense (for the Titans) … If you're sitting there at (19) and Metcalf starts to appear for you, I think you have to be kind of all-in there."

Raiders coach Jon Gruden was drooling over Metcalf when he spoke to reporters at the combine.

"You have to be able to tackle these guys in one-on-one situations," Gruden said. "We had a guy walk in our room last night, a receiver out of Ole Miss, his name is Metcalf. I mean, he looked like Jim Brown. He's the biggest wideout I've ever seen. You have to ask yourself, 'Who is tackling this guy?'"

Despite the combine performance - and his physique - Metcalf does have a few questions marks next to his name.

For starters, his game tape isn't as thorough as some others.

In 2017, Metcalf caught 39 passes for 646 yards and seven touchdowns in his only healthy season. In an injury shortened 2018 season, Metcalf caught 26 passes for 569 yards.

Metcalf suffered a season-ending neck injury in October 2018, and while all indications are it shouldn't be an issue long-term, it did keep him from really taking last year. Metcalf took a medical redshirt in 2016 after breaking his right foot.

Metcalf said he's been asked about the injury a lot. He said he was cleared on January 22 to have full contact, and he's good to go.

He chuckled when it was suggested he's "too big" to play receiver.

Metcalf plans to flex his muscles in the NFL.

"They haven't met me yet," Metcalf said. "They haven't seen 'too big' in seeing what I can do on the field or as a 40 or bench 27 reps, they haven't seen me yet, so you know they can compare me to other big receivers that have been unsuccessful but like I say, they haven't seen D.K. Metcalf."

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Titans GM Jon Robinson and head coach Mike Vrabel speak with reporters at the 2019 NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis. (Photos: AP, NFL)

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