Head Coach Vic Fangio

Monday, Sept 14, 2020

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On injury updates to CB A.J. Bouye and RB Phillip Lindsay

"Bouye hurt his shoulder and Lindsay has a toe injury. I don't know the severity of them just yet."

On not using all of their timeouts during Tennessee's final drive

"It was two-fold. One, their field goal kicker (Stephen Gostkowski) obviously been having his problems so I didn't want to extend the drive where they could get closer. Number two, we would have used a timeout, but we got the running back out of bounds. We would have used a second timeout, but they threw an incompletion which would have given us one when we got the ball back so that was part of the thinking there.

On WR Jerry Jeudy having a drop late in the fourth quarter

"He dropped the ball. He's not the first guy that's done that, won't be the last. We expect him to catch that. He expects himself to catch it. It would have put us in field goal range and given us a first down. But those are the mistakes that can cost you when you're playing a good team."

On going for it on fourth-and-goal in the first half

"We're inside the one there to get a touchdown against a good team. I had no second thoughts there. It wasn't one that I agonized over. We were going to go for that."

On how the secondary handled CB A.J. Bouye leaving the game with an injury

"The secondary adjusted as good as they could once we lost A.J. That put (Essang) Bassey in the game on a full-time basis in our nickel stuff. (Bryce) Callahan had to go back out at corner and play the other side which was new for him. I thought overall they handled it well."

On TE Noah Fant not having a catch in the second half after having five catches in the first half

"We had a couple three-and-outs there, which if you get three-and-outs, not many people are going to get many targets. It was probably a product of that more than anything else."

On how he thought QB Drew Lock did in Offensive Coordinator Pat Shurmur's offense

"I think it was good without watching the tape. He played well. He was in command of what we were trying to do. Made some plays both with his arm and his feet. I was pleased with the way Drew played. I know when you only score 14 points, you think the quarterback wouldn't have played well enough, but I think he did."

On how close WR Courtland Sutton came to playing

"He was close to playing but it came down to a decision that wasn't hard. To decide whether a guy can play or not, he has to get final medical clearance and we never really got that. I believe that Courtland felt the same way."

On the flag that negated CB Michael Ojemudia's interception

"I didn't see it so I can't really comment on it. Until I see it, I don't know"

On how he thought Ojemudia played

"I think overall, without watching the tape, it's hard to see him when he's playing corner on the other side of the field from our sideline. I thought he hung in there and played pretty good. I'll have a better idea once I watch the tape. For a rookie to come in and play that much, especially when he missed a good week or 10 days of camp, I think he probably played pretty good and we're happy to have him and we like his future."

On whether he is concerned about all the injuries on the team

"Well yeah, nobody likes to see injuries, first off from the standpoint of the guys individually but we are good enough to overcome them. I believe that. We almost won the game tonight. I know almost doesn't mean anything, but we are competitive and played good and tough football. We had our chances despite all those injuries, and we will keep going at it that way."