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Head Coach Pete Carroll


Opening Statement: Most difficult loss for us today because there was so many good things that happened and it was such a great day at the stadium, the fans were ready and rocking and we wanted to reward them with a big win as well. We did so many good things and then we really hurt ourselves just too many times when you're playing a good team. The penalties were just so costly, so many first downs off penalties when we had them and really had control of the situation and it was really unfortunate that we weren't poised enough and I totally take that on myself. There was just opportunities for us to make better decisions that we didn't make. And I know sometimes I get these guys so fricking crazy that, you know, they're just going out after it. And, I mean, there was -- and I'm not even -- I don't have any question about the calls or any of that kind of stuff, I'm not talking about the refereeing or any of that. We have to do better. We have to play better with, and handle the situations so that we get the benefits of all of the good play. And we gave them way too much stuff. Like I said, you give a good team that much, they keep hanging. They're tough. They got great players and a terrific approach to the game and all that, and it came through and they won a game with it. Credit to them.

Q. With Derek Henry, did they change things up or is that just a good back getting going over time?

PETE CARROLL: No, he had a big play. We were -- I don't know what his numbers wound up being, but they were in a game that they like, where they can keep on pounding away and they were very conservative with it and after awhile you're going to make some yards. We didn't have to give them, whatever the big one was, 60 or something whatever that was.

Q. I know that you still have to review the tape and it's probably too early to ask, but what did you see on that play that --

PETE CARROLL: We were too aggressive on the edge. Just got Jamal (Adams) fired up about taking a shot at something and he, the combination of how we played the edge right there, the ball bounced and he's been doing that for years, he takes off and gets on the edge and nobody can take him down. All day long we fought to not let that happen and then it finally did.

Q. The offense in the second half got the big play, but there was some three and outs there. Did anything kind of change there in the two halves?

PETE CARROLL: No. I don't think anything changed. We got, they made a mistake and we took advantage of it really well. And just not as, we just weren't as clean as we needed to be. The third downs we need to go a little bit more in our favor, keep the thing moving. But no, not in particular.

Q. Was DK hurt? He didn't look right on that overtime.

PETE CARROLL: He was a little sore, yeah. I'm not sure exactly what it was. He banged his knee or something like that.

Q. Do you have an update on Brandon Shell?

PETE CARROLL: I don't. Sorry.

Q. You said there was a lot of good stuff within the bad. Bobby Wagner 20 more tackles and the sack. Just what did you think of that?

PETE CARROLL: I thought he played a phenomenal game. And defense did a lot of great stuff. We were really aggressive and really on the attack. To hold them down like that in the running game when they really were trying, that was a good effort. You could see the line of scrimmage how many times we tackled them for nothing.

But they stuck with it and they stayed with their philosophy. They know they got in trouble a week ago not being able to do that, and so they were able and they it won for them.

Q. What did you think of your running game on offense today?

PETE CARROLL: I thought it was spotty. I didn't feel like we took control of it like we would like to.

Q. Other than that play that Freddie Swain on the blown coverage, there wasn't a really big offensive spark in the second half. Did they make an adjustment? Were you not guys doing something right? What did you see?

PETE CARROLL: They played it pretty much the same. We didn't execute quite as well. But they didn't change much.

Q. It seemed like it was kind of a feast or famine day with the pass rush, a few drives where you were able to get after Tannehill and then the rest of the game he was just kind of sitting there comfortably. Were you surprised, with them having a couple backups on the offensive line?

PETE CARROLL: We really thought that we would get more pressure just watching what happened last week, but they did a nice job and we didn't do as well as we needed to.

Q. What was the thought behind not using your last two timeouts when the Titans were driving in regulation?

PETE CARROLL: We were ready to do that, but the ball got down, all the way down, and I didn't want to concede the opportunity right there that early, and then they scored fast enough, they left us 24-something seconds. That was about what we were going to get. Could have done that a little better.

Q. Did they take away your tight ends more than you expected?

PETE CARROLL: No, late in the game, or middle of the third quarter some time, I made mentioned that Jamal hadn't gotten the ball much, and we had had some stuff called and we had tried to get some things done and it just didn't work out, as it happens sometimes.

But there was not a change in our approach other than we just didn't get the ball to him.

Q. What did you see from Russell on the late-game sequences --

PETE CARROLL: The last drive, we just, we took a big shot and we missed by a hair on the sidelines and then the second down play, that's the only three plays that I thought were really of question, that we didn't handle those three plays as well as we needed to. We wound up on the goal line backed up. So we messed that sequence up getting out of there and made it really easy for them and not getting a couple first downs there and moving the football and kick it deep, at least. We didn't get that done. So, disappointed in that sequence, but that was it.

Q. As much emphasis as you put on the fourth quarter and finishing to have this game kind of go that way, how rough is that for you?

PETE CARROLL: I mean, I hate this. I hate having to -- 24-9 at halftime, come on. We took care of the ball all day long, did a great job with the football and wound up plus and give the game away, it had to be other really big things which happened which were the penalties and the big, the two hits on the quarterback, those were huge plays for them. And the out of bounds is unnecessary. They're just unnecessary things that happened. We need to be better than that. I need to be better, I need to help our guys be better than that.

Q. You mentioned you said you need to help your guys better and before that Derek Henry big run you'd gotten Jamal Adams juiced about something. What do you mean by you need to be better when you're talking about that?

PETE CARROLL: When there's that many plays where guys do stuff like kind of after the fact, we're trying too hard. And I get them too fricking jacked up and they're going for it and we're feisty and we're all of that, you know, that's not the first time that's happened to my guys. So that's why I got to do a better job.

Q. Brandon Shell, do you have an update?

PETE CARROLL: I don't know. Didn't get any update. But it was an ankle sprain is what it was.

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