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Head Coach Mike Vrabel


How did QB Ryan Tannehill play today?

"He was, yeah. That was a hell of a job by Ryan. That's what I just told the team. Came up with some huge plays. I thought he was in command most of the day executing and stuff. We tried to hit some throws down the field. Unfortunately, we weren't able to, but just his ability to keep some plays live in the pocket I thought were really cool. We took care of the football. All credit goes the players and Ryan obviously. Nick Westbrook coming up with a huge play when we were leaking oil, just the way that they understand the situation there at the end to be able to finish the game in four minutes."

How big was WR Nick Westbrook-Ikhine today?

"He does everything for us. You know, I do production meetings before the game and early in the season and it's like, who is this guy with the last name or who should -- and it's like, we get to see him every day. The type of teammate that he is, his value, he's very versatile, plays a lot of positions, knows a lot of positions. If you've ever been out there in a huddle, those calls come in and it's different personnel groups and different formations, and he's able to line up, play special teams for us, and we need to find a lot of players like Nick."

What did you guys do to take care of business and get the win? 

"I thought we got off to a great start. We traded some punts and then we kind of got on a roll. Played complementary. Got a penalty down the field. Scored. But give them credit. You know, Timmy Kelly (Tim Kelly) did a great job in the second half. Davis (Mills) did unbelievable. He was throwing seeds. (Danny) Amendola found the fountain of youth and we were struggling defensively. Give them a lot of credit and give us credit for battling back."

What did you see from Ryan Tannehill when he was able to skip out of the sack? 

"Well, his toughness, I think he does have some play strength, we've seen him run with the football. We put it on the ground I guess, and we were able to recover it, but I think his toughness continues to show up, and that's what you have to have in this league to play quarterback."

How much is your belief in QB Ryan Tannehill and the team's belief going forward?

"That's all earned. That's all earned. It's not like talked about. It's viewed. He's earned their respect, their trust, and the confidence."

What is the importance of getting the number one seed?

"Well, the first thing is going to be to get healthy. You know, to use that time to get healthy. We started dropping there late in the game. And then try to improve. We were really doing a lot of good things defensively, and this will be good. This will be a good week and be able to coach them hard and they'll respond to that."

How do you feel WR Julio Jones played?

"I think the ability for him to be out there and put some days of practice together and Ryan to start to build some trust in throwing the football there. I thought he played really well for us. I saw him trying to block, trying to finish, so it was great."

How did WR Julio Jones respond to his first full game back?

"Well, again, it's just a few minutes after the game, so I think we'll be able to identify that as we move on. No, I mean, they don't give you a hat or T-shirt for anything like that, but we understand that we're in the elite 8. We've moved on to the second round of the playoffs, so without having to play a playoff game. And we have to take advantage of the time. We have to be great as coaches, great on our training staff, our physical therapy, strength and conditioning. Allow these guys to get some time off but also heal and get to work."

What will it take to build off the passing game?

"Probably a lot of the same things. It starts with protection. Clean pockets, but also identifying man or zone and spacing and the things that we have going. We weren't perfect, but I think it was a huge step in the right direction."

How do you celebrate clinching the number one seed?

No, they don't give you a hat or t-shirt or anything like that, but we understand we are in the elite eight. We have moved on to the second round of the playoffs, so without having to play a playoff game. We have to take advantage of the time and we have to be great as coaches, be great on our training staff, our physical therapy, and strength and conditioning. We will allow these guys to have some time off, heal, and then get to work."

What are your thoughts on fans calling you coach of the year?

"Well, I mean, I think Ron Rivera says it best: Focus on things that are important and not that are interesting. That's probably interesting, and important is trying to get this team ready and find 48 guys each week that believe in the same things we do and that help us win. So, I do want to mention the fans. I thought that's where we were going, just appreciate them coming down here. Wish we could have given them a better third quarter, but it was great to come out of that tunnel early this morning and see people there and be excited."

Do you expect all systems go with RB Derrick Henry now?

"We'll see where Derrick is at when we get back to Nashville."

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