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Head Coach Mike Vrabel


I know it's disappointing anytime you lose, but when it happens in a one-score game as it has a couple of times this year, is it more frustrating?

No. It's always frustrating when you lose. It comes down to a handful of plays just like we saw today whether it's us making one, us not making one, them making one, a penalty here. That's what it comes down to, and we've seen that. There'll be a lot of good plays in there, and unfortunately, there's just some plays there that ended up getting (you) beat in a close game.

What did you talk to them about in the locker room?

Just being appreciative of the people that they're going to go home to and talk to here in the next day or two, because they're really the ones that have supported us and allow us to do what we do and, win or lose, support us. I think that's important. As difficult as it may be after losing a football game, is trying to appreciate the people that have helped us get here and have supported us.

Was Ryan Tannehill just trying to extend those plays he got sacked on?

I don't know, you'd have to ask Ryan (Tannehill). I don't know. Certainly, would not—those sacks are tough to overcome in two-minute. We talk to our defense about the sacks really make it difficult, especially when you have to use your timeouts. So, we got to make sure that we try to get rid of it, and we try to get open quicker, and we try to protect a little bit longer.

How do you feel your line played overall?

There's some good things and some things and plays we'd like to have back. But all-in-all, I thought we were battling, we were competing. Sometimes that's just not enough.

As many people as you brought in that hadn't even been with team, how much of a victory is it (in that regard)?

Zero. There are no moral victories in life. There are no moral victories in professional football. I thank the staff. I thank the players. But again, we strive for much more than that. That's plain and simple. That's the mindset that we must have to get back out of this thing and find a way to win next week.

Getting the run game going today, especially early. How much did that help your offense?

Well, I mean—tried to open up. We weren't able to hit any play-passes, which was unfortunate. But it was good to get the run game going. That was something that we focused on and talked about. I thought guys did a nice job. Could have been better, could always be better. But it was good to see. We just need to have—to be able to complement that run game and didn't have that today.

What happened on the delay of game that came after the timeout?

Operation, I guess, just coming out of the huddle or getting guys lined up. Had some moving parts throughout the game. Guys go down, guys get evaluated. They don't let me call two in a row, so.

What'd you think of Ryan Tannehill's game after being out for a long time?

Like everybody else's not good enough to win today, including me and everybody else. We have to prepare as a starter every week. Every player that's here has to prepare as a starter at every position, more now than ever. So, we'll see how that goes.

Will he (Ryan Tannehill) continue to be the starter moving forward?

I'm not ready to answer that.

On DK Metcalf's touchdown, did the officials ever make a call?

No. They just stood around and looked at each other, and then eventually blew the whistle, and then decided that it was incomplete, forcing Pete (Carroll) to challenge.

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