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Head Coach Mike Vrabel


Q: How disappointing was it to lose at the end of that long game?

VRABEL: "Very disappointing. I feel terrible for the players that competed and put so much into this. They played through pain, discomfort, and through any situation. I am lucky that I get to coach them. They fight, and we have to get back to work. We have to get healthy. We have to get some rest and figure out a way to beat Denver coming off another bye."

Q: Defensively, was there much more they could have done?

VRABEL: "I think we probably could have done a little bit more. Obviously, everyone could have. There are no moral victories on the road. That is the thing I want to make sure, we came over here to win. That was all we were thinking about doing. I don't want to go down this road of what more we could have done or was there more that I could do? Is there more that the coaches could do and the players until we can win."

Q: Did Ryan Tannehill have any realistic chance of playing today?

VRABEL: "He was listed as questionable. Ryan did not play in the game. There are so many guys that busted their ass out there tonight that I would be more than happy to talk about."

Q: How do you think Malik Willis played tonight?

VRABEL: "I tell you what, he threw some really nice deep balls. I mean we went up and down with three of them that we have to make. Again, we get into this drop back game, that is not where we want to play the game. I know we made some really nice balls that got up and down that hopefully we can figure out a way to catch and come down with."

Q: You called a timeout after one of the deep ones. Did you think there was interference on that play?

VRABEL: "No, penalties are penalties. What they see is what they see. I don't know. We have to do a little bit more. I love the way we fought and came back. It was the best second quarter we have had in a long time, all three phases really complementary. There are a lot of things to build on."

Q: What did you do on defense to make Patrick Mahomes so uncomfortable?

VRABEL: "Just try to make him earn it. Not let him throw the ball over our head. We have to try to get some more turnovers. We have to be able to affect the quarterback. One way was to make him earn it. We did that sometimes and other times, we didn't."

Q: What did you think about the Chiefs getting multiple chances at the two-point conversion?

VRABEL: "What did I think? I thought there were some penalties, and he extended a play and was able to score. Wherever they keep putting the ball, I have told our defense and Shane (Bowen) has told them where they put the ball down is where we have to play defense. If that is on the one, or a fourth and half a yard or whatever it may be. We will keep fighting. We will get back to work. That is what I love. I love the resiliency, and I love our players. We have asked them to try to upgrade our standards in how we prepare. I have asked them to understand that they have the power to choose how we respond and give us a good opportunity to do that this week."

Q: What could Joshua Kalu done to avoid that holding call in the two-point conversion where Travis Kelce took his helmet off?

VRABEL: "The easy answer from not having seen it is not hold him. But he was not alone. They have let Travis (Kelce) play like that, you know what I mean. I don't know, flop and hope you get a call I guess. You are asking the wrong guy again. The Twitter handle is @NFLOfficiating. They can answer any questions. I am not going to be able to answer them."

Q: Is there anything to do to get more production out of the receivers?

VRABEL: "We will figure that out tomorrow. We will try to get to work on it and see ways to create some plays down the field. Keep working at it."

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