Head Coach Mike Vrabel


On how happy he was to close out the game with a goal line stand:

"It's just, you've got to find a way to win and we know how to do that. That's how sometimes it is going to be in this league. Defend everybody to [inaudible]. The guys came up huge at the end."

On if he debated taking a timeout before their final touchdown:

"No, I mean I think other than just to see what the defense was but not letting them score, not when they need a touchdown. I'm confident in what we've done down there in the past. That could change based on if they need a field goal. I think that's something that we talk long and hard about is if a field goal gets you anything, that's a different story. A touchdown, we just had too many stops down there and done too many good things down there."

On his thoughts on the goal line defense during his time as head coach:

"The players and just being confident in what we are doing. I thought there were some good calls down there and they were expecting one thing and clearly they got another. They almost had an interception around earlier."

On LB David Long's interception:

"It's just getting back there in the spots. It's something that we have been trying to work on in the vision and on the break. We need more ball production, more ball disruption. That's something that we are going to have on defense and this was a good place to start with the game on the line."

On the play of DL Denico Autry and DL Jeffrey Simmons:

"Those guys are great for us. It's just going to have to be better. Everything is going to have to be better. Those guys have been fantastic leaders for us, productive players. I'm proud of the way that Denico kept his composure and Jeffrey obviously coming back and apologized for whatever he did to the quarterback and coming back and being able to help us."

On how important the win was:

"We took it pretty good against Buffalo. Monday night came back from a short week and we found a way to win three games in a row. I think that this Bye Week is going to be a great opportunity for us to catch our breath and get some guys healthy. We have a lot of guys that play a lot of football for us just because they have to and we need to take care of them."

On allowing a lot of sacks today:

"It was certainly not what anybody wanted or expected or what we think is the standard. You have to take care of your quarterback. Only bad things are gonna happen when he is getting pressured and hit."

On what his messaging to the team was in regard to Washington's ability to stay in the game by connecting on big plays:

"Tackle and stay on top. That was what the message was all week, was not give up [explosive] plays and tackle. Missed tackles led to points and [explosive] plays led to points."

On what he thinks when he preaches a concept all week but it still happens on gameday:

"Same thing everybody else was thinking."

On how big the 61-yard connection from QB Ryan Tannehill to WR Nick Westbrook-Ikhine was to get the team out of their own territory:

"Well, I thought the protection there was outstanding. I thought [QB] Ryan [Tannehill] wanted to go to [TE] Chig [Okonkwo]. They came off, Ryan climbed the pocket which was great, and [WR] Nick [Westbrook-Ikhine] did what we need to do more of, is go up and make a play on the football. When it is in the air, go attack it and make a play."

On how Tannehill has handled playing under duress this season:

"Well, we can't have him be under duress. It's like we're gonna lock him, so we can get some of these plays off and really take some shots. You guys ask me about throwing shots, so we gotta figure out what we're gonna do to take care of the quarterback and continue to do those things. The penalties hurt us. The penalties, and we had some runs there that were really great runs and [explosive] play runs and the penalties hurt us there."

On being consistent in the red zone:

"Well, I think that we've talked about this before, that there's banked reps. Reps that they've been running from April and then being able to put some scheme plays in and have everybody understanding for that particular week. We need to do better before we get down there and making sure that we're consistent in our ability to get down there and continue to produce red zone drives where we have more scored touchdowns. That's been the difference."

On how much it helps having RB Derrick Henry in the red zone:

"Yeah, well I mean it helps. It helps, but some of these defenses, there's guys that are free. We did a nice job of covering them up and [RB] Derrick [Henry] was able to score. I thought that the short yardage run was good. I wish we could have been able to capitalize on that. Unfortunate that we couldn't. But, Derrick caught the ball great. I mean really nice catch on a screen, fantastic catch to go and frame it, catch it out in front of his eyes turn and get up and produce. Changed the field position and then [RB] Dontrell [Hilliard] scored on the next play."

On if G Nate Davis was close to playing:

"[G] Nate [Davis] was inactive. He wasn't one of the eight O-Linemen."

On if it was an easy call on deciding who would start at guard"

"No. [G] Dillon [Radunz] was ready to go in there."

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