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Head Coach Mike Vrabel


On what clicked on the final offensive drive and why there wasn't more consistency on offense throughout the game:

"I think just mistakes and, obviously, the same stuff — penalties. Critical penalties. I mean, it's the same in all three phases. There's some good stuff and, obviously, some stuff that we have to correct. I don't think anybody can function and certainly us right now, in those long-yardage situations, offensively."

On losing a tough game late:

"Losing late, losing early — I appreciate the way they compete. We did a nice job in the first half in that situation, but we weren't able to keep them inbounds for them to use some clock. That's so critical right there."

On what he said to the team after the loss:

"Nothing I can tell them that's going to make them not be disappointed, upset. We spilled our guts out there, but it's about the same message. It's about figuring out ways to help the guy next to you. Coach them better, understand the details, making sure everybody's prepared to go with that mindset — that they can come in there and play. You see guys that go out there for us, or somebody gets hurt and next guy needs to go in. So, those are situations that we have to be ready to go. There's nothing you really can say to them, other than, 'Get some rest, and we need to spill our guts again and find a way to win on Saturday.'"

On electing to throw on two separate third-and-two plays:

"Because that's what we chose to do."

On the decision to call pass plays on third-and-two:

"Because that's the play that we called."

On if still leading the AFC South is the point of emphasis, rather than negative feelings from the loss:

"Well, the point of emphasis is just we have to put into another week, eliminate some of the mistakes, execute better. When we play complementary, our offense answered back, defense did a nice job at sudden change things that showed up last week. [Titans CB] Roger's [McCreary] play at the end of half — Roger had an interception at the end of the half last week that turned into a touchdown, that turned into a double-up situation. The game got away from us this week. Roger made a fantastic play. We took some momentum in there into halftime, but then mistakes. We hung around and just came up short.

On if he was surprised at Titans QB Ryan Tannehill's availability after being carted off:

"I've told you about Ryan's toughness and what I think about that. He can't get hit as many times as he does, or how he gets hit. We've talked about that. Nothing good happens in this league, especially when your quarterback gets hit. But I'm never going to question his toughness or his willingness to go in there to try and help the team."

On T Dennis Daley being replaced by OL Dillon Radunz, then coming back in the game:

"We talked — it was a rotation. That he was going to play through the first quarter, then Dillon was going to go in there and then we were going to make a decision. That was something that we had come up with during the week. It was planned out. I didn't want Dennis or Dylan to think that if they made a mistake, they were going to get pulled. It was, play the first quarter, play the second quarter, and then we'll decide from there."

On the offensive line:

"We all make it tough. We have to get them the information and we have to get them the game plan, stay out of some of those situations. Then when we chip, we have to chip better and we have to protect better. There were times where the quarterback had time and nobody was open. There were times when the quarterback did not have time and guys were open. That is how this thing goes and you'll continue to try to pinpoint it on one person. It's not that, it is a cumulative operation and when it is done well, I think we can win good football games.

"The best offensive lines are ones that work great together, that do that. We've done that this year. We did that, at times, today. One mistake leads to a sack or a negative play. We had plenty of positive plays. I think it's just everybody together trying to get back into that rhythm — avoid first-and-20s, second-and-long, and third-and-25. Run out of stuff to call."

On increasing the team's physicality:

"We'll try, and we'll look at everything. We'll go from there."

On Titans CB Roger McCreary's play to bat the ball inbounds, leading to an interception:

"Yeah, a fantastic play. He had an opportunity last week, went through his hands. Great awareness. He challenged on another third down over there on the sticks — getting back up and was able to come up with a stop. So, we competed and just came up short."

On if Tannehill came to him wanting to come back in or if medical staff cleared him to return:

"Once they cleared, I knew Ryan — that's what he had said. I knew that the whole time."

On K Randy Bullock's missed kick:

"I guess he just missed a kick."

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