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Head Coach Mike Vrabel


Q. How much did that set the tone?

MIKE VRABEL: Where you're at in the game, forcing them to run the football and even early on, just figured that we would probably be willing to rush the passer, and then have them hit a few handoffs there early in the game. But I think the score dictated a lot of that.

Q. Do you feel like this is the most complete performance so far this year?

MIKE VRABEL: Yeah, the way we started, got some stops, got turnovers, took advantage, there's going to be things in the second half that we probably are going to want to do better, but you know, we'll take a look at the tape and then we'll move on.

Q. Coming into this game did you start seeing in practice some signs from (Bud) Dupree that maybe a game like this was coming?

MIKE VRABEL: He didn't practice Friday. So was limited throughout the week. Didn't see much in practice. Just hoped that he was going to be available for the game.

Q. The deep ball -- ruled incomplete, injury timeout that you challenged, did it take a while --

MIKE VRABEL: No, we knew right away. Just was asking if they were going to have their helpers upstairs look at it, and they said something with the amount of time that had elapsed that now it was out of their hands. So we challenged it.

Q. Todd (Downing) mentioned on Thursday, in the offense he wanted to do more to play off of Derrick and take advantage of what he does. What did you think of the balance today?

MIKE VRABEL: I think it was good. I think we have to get going a little bit more. Give them credit. They defended the run well but we were able to hit some plays down the field. We talked about beating match coverage, and guys did that. A lot of guys stepped up, and took care of the quarterback for the most part.

Q. What do you think it was, because they were playing a lot of close, single-high looks, what happened to take advantage of those?

MIKE VRABEL: When you play match coverage, somebody has to win. You have to play with physicality or route craft, and the ball has to come out and you have to be able to be firm in the middle of the pocket, which when we complete those passes, we are, and I thought it was great timing to A.J. (Brown) in those situations down the field.

Q. How was it to see your team shake off the big win Monday night, put it behind them and get back out six days later?

MIKE VRABEL: That's what this league's about, win or lose, you've got to come back and be ready to go. Next challenge. You sleep on anybody in this league, it's going to come back and it's going to haunt you.

Q. The attackers up front, with (Bud) Dupree, (Jeffery) Simmons and (Harold) Landry, what is it about that that makes it so effective for you?

MIKE VRABEL: Four good players. You know, not coaching, and we try to give them a plan. Try to give them something to go with. Sometimes they win in straight rush and sometimes we pressure. Sometimes they work gains. And I think those guys are all building some confidence and rolling some guys through in there. Ola (Adeniyi) looked like he factored a little bit. Unfortunately we just -- I don't know if we got offsides and Dane (Cruikshank) caught the interception, whatever. But I felt like Ola was trying to factor in as well, too.

Q. Three takeaways today, seemed like they were coming in bunches, is that a matter of doing the same things and now the ball is following?

MIKE VRABEL: Yeah, I think so. I think we are just trying to chart and track attempts. And again, everybody's screaming for Kevin (Byard) to hammer it, and it was only a matter of time before he got over there and did that. But just have to keep going after the attempts. You have to keep staying on your feet when you rush and the quarterback pumps it, but that's the guy we've got to take it away from. That's got to be the No. 1 target every week.

Q. On the offensive line, guys step in, some that haven't been here very long --

MIKE VRABEL: We held the Chiefs to three points too, so everybody -- it was a great win for everybody. Great job. The guys stepped up. Everybody did their job. Some guys can't go, next guy goes in.

Q. How much of a challenge is it for a guy to come in -- I know he's got some background but a guy coming in fresh and jumping in, start today?

MIKE VRABEL: Everybody is expected -- they are in that team meeting on Wednesday, they should expect to play in the game, and that's what we do. Give Greg (Mabin) credit; give Chris Jones credit, Dane (Cruikshank), being able to jump in there to safety. That's how this thing goes.

Q. When you have to punt two times --

MIKE VRABEL: Off the corner. Did a nice job. So certainly going to have to use that as a weapon to be able to go down there and punt the ball out of bounds or be able to get it to stop. You know, we're going to get some stops and give our offense great field position most of the time if we can force them to start inside the five-yard line.

Q. You go one week at a time, but two wins against two teams towards the top of the AFC; how important is that?

MIKE VRABEL: We are seven games in, 5-2. So long way to go. Thanks, guys.

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