Head Coach Mike Vrabel


On the Titans' OLB Rashad Weaver's performance in tonight's game.

"Rashad [Weaver] and obviously Ola [Adeniyi], did some nice things. Weav showed up just like we had talked about the practices leading up to this game that he was becoming much more active, comfortable just playing. So we'll take a look at his effort and I'm sure there'll be a lot of things that coach but then I thought that group play hard and the quarterback is running around there so once we figured that out on they were able to not run by him in the fourth quarter we were able to get some sack production."

On QB Logan Woodside playing composed against blitzing defense.

"They were blitzing the shit out of him. He took care of himself in a huge fourth down. We were fishing, we took care of the football. And got a turn over there, we'd like to get another one but yeah I felt like he was composed. Then Matt (Barkley) once he came in and settled down I thought he did okay."

On LB David Long's interception.

"He looks fast. I told David I thought he was playing fast and I thought that was really cool from where I was standing. He got in there was efficient with the snaps that he got and felt like he was really flying around playing fast."

On young defensive players getting significant playing time.

 "I mean we have some injuries so we had some guys that were unavailable. I think we're building some depth in on I think that that's some of those guys that have been with us are playing with a lot of confidence and thought, if you look at young guys here, Teair Tart, [Lerrell] Murch[ison], David [Long Jr.]. Those guys in their second or third year. Amani Hooker is continuing to develop so that's been good to see. Kristian Fulton. They bailed us out, I think there was a penalty and he was playing, maybe not the best technique or wasn't as playing as tight as we'd like them to be. Came back in the same third down situation and stabbed through the pocket and so that was good to see after that kind of first one that we got bailed out with on the penalty."

On the offensive line rotation.

"Just kind of who we had. They all knew they were going to play. I think they did a fairly nice job, I mean we ran the football. We were pretty efficient running the football we ran it in the fourth quarter when they knew we were going to run it. So we'll take a look at some of those pressures and obviously it could always be better but I saw him finishing. I saw him push trying to push piles there late in the game and all the stuff that we asked of him."

On playing G Ross Reynolds playing multiple positions.

"I think that we touched on that before. We started the game in there and then moved outside when [David] Quessenberry went out. We'll see how he looked at guard and see how he looked at tackle and keep coaching him. I know that he'll keep working and trying to improve."

On special teams play in tonight's game.

"We got to play faster on the punt team and our cover units need to be faster. We want to talk about a fast and violent football team and I just didn't feel our kickoff team. I think that we have to be better. Chest[er] [Rodgers] hit a nice return. Kickers did kick the ball well. There's some positives there but there's some things that need to continue to be better."

On Safety Brady Breeze injury status

 "Well, he wasn't able to finish so we'll evaluate him and see where he's at heading into Tampa."

On fixing mistakes made during first game.

 "It's like Centrum Silver that's like one a day. Whether we need it or not, that's quarterback-center exchange and it needs to get fixed. There's no excuse for it whatsoever. And they did respond. They knew they were getting pressure and I thought our coaches did a nice job putting us in good runs and final runs that they felt like we're going to be efficient and, whether that was Brian [Hill] or Jeremy [McNichols] or Mekhi [Sargent], obviously saw Darrynton [Evans], get a little bit of work in there early. We'll have to clean up some of the penalties, some of those things that we've been coaching, hands to the face. Having a discipline at the line of scrimmage. We got us for a clip and then we were holding on 3rd&16. So, part of being good on third down is, I know statistically it won't show up for the penalty but that's a third down conversion on 3rd&16. So those are things that we can improve on."

On WR Mason Kinsey playmaking tonight.

 "Kind of like he did the other day. He got in there and we had a third down period and he was really showing up. Quarterbacks from my experience, they throw the guys that they trust because they know that they're going to be open, they're going to be where they're supposed to be and, that's what they do, they throw the guys that they trust when you get in a game situation so we were able to find them there a couple times came up with some huge conversions in the second half."

 On CB Breon Borders almost getting the interception and what does that reveal about him.

"Breon is very competitive. Breon is a guy we love to coach who loves to play football, loves football and it comes into work. It's not always perfect, but he's coachable, plays hard. They work through the operation of of overturning that call there without us having challenge or without Arthur [Smith] having a challenge. But you mentioned Breon, that's a guy that does a lot for us and it's very coachable and I think he continues to improve."

On correcting mistakes in games and transiting from practice to live action.

 "Well, there's always a transition, I mean, we're conscious of that. There's just a lot of things that would be really different for these guys. As long as that they start to show positive signs of improvement. That's what really what we're looking for. It's not making the same mistakes over and over again. But we're trying to find a way to correct those and make new mistakes and then correct those and continue to get better. This was a big for these guys to come out here and be able to play and tackle in these situations, taking the next step from where we'd been in practice as far as live action."

On not underestimate a win despite it being a preseason game.

"We're never gonna underestimate winning at anything, we're going want to compete with whoever's in there. I felt like all offensively early in the second half, that was not to our standard I thought there was too much walking around. So we got those guys together and asked him to get out of the huddle and get to the line of scrimmage and try to play with the identity that we're trying to establish. I felt like they did that after that early on in the second half."

On WR Cameron Batson fighting through injury and creating competition.

 "There's a lot of competition in that room. There's a lot of guys that have done some really nice things and so when one guy does something and the next guy, hopefully tries to do something and then you're creating a lot of competition in there. Cam's a guy that we've had a lot of experience with and for whatever reason, or injuries and certain things that he maybe hasn't been able to be available to us in the past but he's been out there and we're continuing to improve and he obviously has a toughness level to him that allows him to go in and compete inside of a slot or return punts or kickoffs for us."