Head Coach Mike Vrabel


(on his thoughts on the overall performance from the team tonight)

I think there were some good things. There was some - defensively we got some turnovers, and we turned them into points. I felt like we were looking for opportunities on defense. I thought there were some really positive plays offensively. Too many missed opportunities on offense. It's really cool to see some of the special teams' work. And then we finished the game off.

(on what he liked about cornerback Caleb Farley's performance)

I thought he was competitive. I thought he challenged and came up with some pass break ups and tried to come up and tackle. We'll take a look at the film. We'll keep coaching him and we'll keep working.

(on how he assessed the way that quarterback Malik Willis was able to get rid of the ball)

There were some things that he improved on and there - we're probably going to have to go back and look at the film. There are just some things that we're going to have to continue to coach and improve operationally. It's hard to run out the back of the pocket in this league. It's hard. We're just going to continue to coach him to try to step up and find guys that can help him. And then when there are opportunities to create plays, try to do that as well.

(on how much pressure from the defense impacted Malik Willis' performance)

I think it probably contributed to a lot of the negative plays. I think we did some things that probably contributed to it as well.

(on wide receiver Kyle Philips' fielded punt in the end zone)

It's easier to say, 'Woah,' than it is 'sick-em.' He got it out past the 20. It was exciting and I felt like there was really some great efforts from guys blocking. The more that you start to gain yards and you have a returner then it seems like the guys blocking even try to go a little harder because they know that there's an opportunity to break one.

(on what he wanted to see by going hurry up on the first offensive drive)

Just giving Malik (Willis) a chance to get up on the ball and work from there.

(on outside linebacker Rashad Weaver's performance tonight)

It's really hard to see individual performances on the sidelines. I know that he was active, and he continues to improve and work. He started working in some new moves, some new pass rush moves and trying to do some things off of what he was doing earlier. It was good to see that it's not just the same move over and over again. That probably showed up tonight.

(on if he would rather see punter Ryan Stonehouse try to run for a first down or try to reset and punt in the instance of a bobbled snap)

I'd rather see him not drop it.

(on where Ryan Stonehouse is in the punting competition as of right now)

They're both competing. They both have had some really good days. I think that Brett (Kern) is punting better than he did last year from what I've seen. I don't think we're ready to make a determination on who is the punter.

(on his assessment of offensive linemen Dillon Radunz and Nicholas Petit-Frere)

I'll let you guys know tomorrow or whenever we talk. There are going to be some good plays, and there are going to be some bad plays. I don't know what to tell you.

(on wide receiver Treylon Burks)

I would like to try to win every game that we play. I would like to try to improve. That's what I would like to do. We're not going to stand here and go through the roster if that's what you guys want to do. I am not going to do that.

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