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Head Coach Mike Vrabel


Why was Devin Singletary and the Texans run game so difficult to stop today?

Probably looking back, I mean, we'll watch the tape and we'll be able to see. But maybe some missed tackles and misfits or just—probably usually missed tackles. We'll have to do a better job there. But I feel like we were able to get some really great stops throughout the day. Don't want to give up those type of rushing yards. But give those guys a lot of credit, defensively for us, that did a good job on third down. Got a huge stop there at the end of the half. So, we'll have to work to fix and assess the run game, but also, recognize that we did some really good things defensively as well.

Why when Derrick Henry was having such a difficult time, did you guys continue to feed him the ball when he's averaging under a yard?

Well, we have to be able to establish a run, whether that's with Derrick (Henry), whether that's Tyjae (Spears), whether that's Jonathan Ward. So, we've won a lot of football games with that formula. And we've seen where it's been some inefficient runs, and then we break one and turn things around, and that didn't happen today.

How about did that have an effect on the pass protection, too? Because it seemed like it left you in a lot of second-and-long, third-and-long type of situations and give up seven sacks.

Yeah, there you go. You asked and answered a question pretty well. So that's a—certainly we have to be balanced and be able to use the run game to create opportunities and play pass, which we've done before and will continue to strive to do and not just force ourselves into difficult down-and-distances.

With the lack of success running on first down, why continue to do that when it wasn't really working?

Again, just trying to get off in a drive, and there were times where we threw the ball on first down, had success. There were times where we threw it on first down, didn't have success. It's all—offensively, there wasn't a lot of—we needed more positive plays, more conversions, more complementary football.

Do you think that first down running play was predictable? It seemed like it was to them.

I think that when they're—when we don't play well or we don't block or protect, I think that forces negative plays and non-efficient plays. So, whether we call a run or a pass, we're still going to have to block and execute.

How is Will Levis and what did you see on that last sack?

Saw the same thing you saw. We'll see how he comes out. I'm sure he'll have to get looked at and see where things go. Again, when you talk about pass protection and you talk about sacks or pressure, it starts with getting into the route quick, and getting open quick, and protecting longer. All those things have to happen, and we have to do a better job of it.

Could he have gone back in if you guys needed him too?

 We didn't really approach that. I wouldn't be able to tell you.

Were you able to get a read of why the rushing game was so inefficient today?

No, I just think that we know how critical it is to get these runs started. Give them credit being able to split us on some of the combinations or not be able to get there on the second level. I think every time you just probably go back and look at it, it's going to be one guy here, or a block there, or a cut. And it was just not a very good day for us.

On the interception, did Will Levis maybe not see Treylon Burks running deep on that?

You're going to have an opportunity to talk with Will (Levis). He'll tell you exactly what he saw or didn't see.

What did you see?

Same thing you saw. Threw a ball to a guy that was covered.

With you guys being eliminated from the playoffs officially at this point, how do you go about the rest of the season, the message to the team?

I don't think we're ready to discuss that. I think we're just trying to get back, get healthy. We had a lot of guys play far less than 100 percent, which we know that's going to happen where we're at in the season. A lot of fight, a lot of competitiveness, rely on our leaders, and make sure that we do everything we can to give them an opportunity to feel confident coming into the game and play with great effort.

Understanding that the guys getting hurt is part of it, is there any sense of organizational guilt for what was assembled to be in front of your two quarterbacks, that they've both gotten hurt?

Nobody likes to see any player get hurt. And the responsibility to protect the guy with the ball, whether that's the quarterback, the running back, the receiver, kickers. We have to do a better job of protecting all of them.

How about the level beyond that in terms of roster assembly?

We have to do everything that we can to continue to protect the guy with football.

What was the explanation for Tre Avery's pass interference?

I don't get an opportunity to talk to the back judge.

But none of the other officials came over to give you an explanation?

They didn't make the call.

How about the Mason Kinsey hit out of bounds, which you were closer to?

I think he would rather call wide receivers offsides, illegal formations, or false starts than late hits out of bounds.

Roger McCreary, did you think he had a good chance of coming down with that contested pass with Dalton Schultz?

I would say he had as much chance as (Dalton) Schultz did. Looked like a competitive play.

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