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Head Coach Mike Vrabel


(On the offensive struggles)

"Well, we didn't run it very well. I thought that first drive, [there] was some good stuff going on there, we just didn't finish, didn't finish that drive off and then, you know, whether it's pressure or one guy here in the run game and then, you know, trying to get the football off. It was a struggle. Defensively, I thought there were some good things and then [we] gave up too many third-down conversions and then gave up a [43-yard] screen."

(On the patterns in the Titans offense from game to game)

"You have to look at every game as a new game – it's got its own issues. [You] put everything that you have into it each week to try to get ready and to prepare. And then, you know, today was just the run game and [not] being able to extend drives. We didn't finish those two opportunities in the redzone. [We] had one coming back there later on and just… too many drives in between redzone visits."

(On whether there is a common theme with the Titans run game)

"Whether it was our [inability] to block pressure or guys on the back side or communication. Dillon [Radunz] kicked over there to left tackle early on and 'Ruppy' (Andrew Rupcich) went in there at right guard. I mean, it's probably just, you know, one guy each time. We had a couple 9-yard runs and just couldn't sustain them. We went from second-and-1 or second-and-2, to, you know, second-and-7 or second-and-12. [You're] not going to do very well working that [way]."

(On the redzone opportunities)

"I think we dropped a pass, but I'll have to look at it. I mean, I think we dropped one."

(On the sack in the redzone)

"Sure, there you go. Sacks are probably either pressure or we didn't block the guy. Without having watched it … I know we had 'Chig' [Okonkwo] there on the front line and then I saw the ball up in the air, so I don't know what happened after that."

(On what QB Will Levis is supposed to do with defenders bearing down on him consistently)

"You mean other than just throwing it down the middle of the field there late in the game? Nothing. I mean nothing. There is nothing, other than to look for an outlet where you could find a checkdown, if available. You know, you don't want to get a grounding. I think those are things we would always talk about if a play would break down, to make sure if you're outside the pocket, that you make sure you get the pass across the line of scrimmage, or if you're not out of the pocket, it has to be in the area or vicinity of an eligible receiver. So, there were times when there was a good pocket and we went and missed a guy and then there was times where we didn't protect him and you don't have much of a chance either."

(On the team's pass protection this season)

"Well, just a few weeks ago we had some pretty good pass protection, [but we] didn't necessarily have it today. It's because you can't stay balanced. We had some longer opportunities. That forces them and allows them to get going and rush the passer. I think if you can stay balanced and you can run the football, and you can keep it on schedule and keep it in third-and-manageable, you know, you have an opportunity."

(On if he feels like he got great effort from his team today)

"Again, without watching the tape, I think that effort is not about execution. I don't want to confuse those two when I talk about this here in the next minute or so. We'll have to watch. I know 'Chig' [Okonkwo] came back and tried to help and get a block when Tyjae [Spears] turned up-field. I saw guys blocking out on the perimeter if the ball broke. Defensively, again, we're trying to chase the ball and we weren't able to get the guy (Rachaad White) on the long screen. But if you're asking me if we got beat by a guy, I think it's different. Effort and execution are different."

(On the thinking that went into fourth-down situations when the team was struggling to move the ball offensively)

"Yeah, I just felt like we needed to get some points there just to try to keep it a two-score [game]. [We were] going to go fourth-and-1. I was going to go and, unfortunately, we didn't get the first down. That's where I was at. Early on, it was just about, you know, I felt good about Nick [Folk] making it and finishing off with some points. I'm not going to second guess every decision. Nick has been really, really good for us. He hasn't missed one up until today. But it was about just trying to get some points at that point in time in the first half and then the second half was trying to get it to a manageable score if we could get a stop – two scores."

(On CB Roger McCreary playing in place of injured starter Sean Murphy-Bunting)

"Oh, we had no choice. Some of these things we have zero choice. We're running out of bodies to put anywhere at DB or [elsewhere]."

(On the reason for the outcome if the effort and preparation are both good)

"Every game is different. Every play is different. I think you look into the matchup. Was it scheme, was it a mistake – a mental error or a physical error? All of those things we talk about after the season when you look at some of those 'X' plays. They hit a screen on us. We weren't ready to go. We were pressuring over to that side, so I would say that was just us not being ready to go. If Mike Evans beats a corner… Mike Evans is a good player, so we either have to play different coverage or do some different things."

(On his evaluation of QB Will Levis)

"I mean it's hard to evaluate. I thought early on, there were a couple high passes and some that should be caught. Nobody was good enough, starting with the head coach. That's how it goes. I felt like we had a good week, but this is the only day that matters. This is the only day that matters. This is the day that we have to be great and we weren't good enough."

(On the team's record)

"We're focused on one week. We're going to make the corrections and not sit there and look at these records. That won't get us back. That won't help us win. So, we can't sit there and do that and dwell on what our record is. We have to focus on improving and finding a way to win."

(On if he feels others are dwelling on the team's record)

"No, but it wouldn't be 3-6 if it had. I don't think so, I hope not. I mean we have to acknowledge it. We certainly have to recognize, you know, what it is that got us to this point and try to be better – try to be better the next week."

(On if the team came into today's game with a creative, inventive offensive gameplan)

"Yeah, I like the fact that we hit a play-action pass for [15] yards on the first play and the reverse to Tyjae [Spears] that could've scored on the second play of the game. I thought there were some other things that we had. Again, there's no perfect call. Hopefully we get some good calls and some better execution, which would be great in all three phases. Thank you."

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