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Head Coach Mike Vrabel


How big was Harold Landry III getting his first sack of the season to make sure you got a stand there defensively?

Well, it was critical. A lot of plays in the game, comes down to a few. Certainly, that was a big one. We talked about the key all week was getting the drive stopped. Sometimes we got it stopped sooner, sometimes we got it stopped later and in that case it was one of those that got stopped later. But in the end it got stopped.

How important is it to stay in the fight and have a chance to win it in the end?

Well, that's what it's about. These games are tight every week. They played in a close one last week. We played in a close one. You got to just stay in there. You got to keep fighting, take care of the football, execute a few couple critical plays. I thought there at the end, just being able to roll out and find Hop (DeAndre Hopkins) to give us the yardage that we needed with the rain coming.

How good was it to be able to do it without turnovers today?

Well, we didn't turn them over, I don't think, on the other side. So that made it nice. We got to keep going for the ball. We got to get it out the quarterback's hand. Had a couple of opportunities in the secondary and we have to take advantage of those opportunities.

What do you think of the way Ryan (Tannehill) responded to last week?

That's what Ryan's (Tannehill) done. One of the tougher players on our team. I know we got a bunch of tough guys, but he stood in there and got the (crap) knocked out of him a couple times late and I respect the heck out of it and kept battling. Hit some shots, which was great to see, down the field.

Did you have any doubt at all that he (Nick Folk) would make it?

He'd been really good. That's what he's done and that's what you need in this league, is a guy that's reliable in critical situations.

What's going through your head as the rain came down before the final kick?

Is it going to stop? Is it going to slow down? We got a couple of downs to play with. How much harder is it going to rain? Is this one of those that stops in a minute? Do we need to run another play or is it just like, 'Let's put a foot on this thing.'

How was it for Dillon Radunz to come in and give you as many snaps as he did filling in at left guard?

Well, it was certainly a quick turnaround from when he was hurt. And again, all the credit goes to Dillon (Radunz) to be able to do that and get back. Having worked at tackle and guard, just felt like early on we'll put him in there. Was able to stay alive and I'm sure that there was going to be some mistakes. But it's great to see him back out there. It's a phenomenal turnaround.

Was Xavier (Newman) just having trouble with the games and blitzes?

Just wanted to see what it looked like with Dillon (Radunz). We had two guys there that hadn't been working in there. Give Dillon a shot and go from there.

How did you like the secondary play in the first overtime series?

We were playing some zone and they hit a couple of seams on us. Liked what Shane (Bowen) did and changed up some things and got on body and guys responded. It was just good to see us stay tight in coverage and challenge. Early on it's like some of the calls and they're throwing it in front of us. Just making sure that we're not getting the ball thrown over our head. Then it was great to be able to challenge there in overtime. Three fantastic plays, executed well by the defense. Jeff(ery Simmons) had good pressure. He slipped or that ball probably would have been out. But it was good to see really tight coverage.

How good was it to score in the redzone? A lot better than last week.

Well, every week is different. You guys hear me say that all the time. Every week is different. We were able to get stops on defense this week. We were able to double them up at halftime with the field goal and then scoring a touchdown and putting a drive together. You can just see the difference in our efficiency when it's, instead of third-and-10, we're able to function at a better down and distance. There were times that we had gained five yards and ahead of schedule. Silly penalty, second-and-10, third-and-10. So you guys can see it as well as we can, when we get into drives and we're able to let those plays complement each other, that's when we can be effective and then get down in a red zone. Had a shot, everybody went on the ball from the five and was able to score two plays later.

What did the (Treylon) Burks play do for energy on the sideline, energy in the stadium?

Yes, it was critical. We need that from Treylon (Burks), being able to run through the catch there was fantastic. Got over the top, protection held up. Ryan (Tannehill) gave him a fantastic ball. But, I'm with you. We were leaking oil and we needed somebody to step up and make a play. And that was a huge play.

Derrick (Henry) seemed like he did a heck of a job in pass protection today?

Well, we expect a lot out of him. We throw him the football. We try to get it to him different ways. Sometimes, again, with the team that came in blitzing as much as they did and figuring that they were going to blitz, backs are going to have to be good in protection.

Were those deep plays to Treylon (Burks) and Chris (Moore) things you thought would be there?

Yeah, those are things that we always try to get and a lot of that is dictated on whether we can hold up. They plays some post safety and they get on you. Chris (Moore) had a great week of practice. Treylon (Burks) continued to get better throughout the week with some of the details and so those are really cool to see when it translates into the football game.

How good is it getting the winning feeling back?

Well, it's important. It's important to get off to a good start. Again, tight games at home. We needed it. We all needed it. But we can be able to learn from it and see when we do the things that we talk about in practice and the execution, what it looks like.

The (Derrick) Henry/ (Tyjae) Spears combination seemed to work out nicely, is that how it can be?

We'll have to continue to try to find ways to get both those guys the ball. Tyjae (Spears) does good stuff and Derrick's (Henry) always done good stuff. We just have to continue to work and be creative and know that they both can help us in different ways.

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