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Head Coach Mike Vrabel


How much is there credit to the Browns versus the play today?

"That's a good football team. I give them credit. They were much much better than we were today. Coaching, playing, the whole bit. We contributed to that. There were some things obviously that we did that affected that, but they beat us today in every area." 

What most went wrong, offensively?

"We just weren't able to get into the drive. They pressured us and a lot of guys were on the line of scrimmage. It felt like we wanted to try to get into the line of scrimmage and get down hill. We wanted to try to protect and throw some shots and be able to hold up. We just weren't able to get into any kind of rhythm. Especially on the road in a road environment - a fantastic environment much like we talked about in New Orleans. Too many third-and-long opportunities. When we did have a drive and got down there, we didn't take advantage of it. We got the turnover and we weren't able to take advantage of the turnover. Then, to end the half, when we could have done something and got the ball in the second half. It's frustrating all the way around." 

On the sack at the end of the first half, Titans LT Andre Dillard seemed to be open. Does the ball need to come out quickly or does he need to hold on?

"We just have to make sure that we're getting the ball to the end zone. It's an end zone situation for everybody. We're trying to score a touchdown and that's what has to happen. We have to make sure that the ball gets into the end zone and we protect the points right there. We weren't able to do it." 

Did you consider doubling Browns DE Myles Garrett on that play?

"Yeah, we considered doubling him a lot. When you're trying to score from the 12-yard line, it's hard if you don't get guys out down there at the red zone because of the space. That's a product of trying to score. I don't think the protection hangs up. You got guys in and then you're running the bodies out there in cover. I liked the call, we just need to execute better, which I'm sure we will." 

How was what they were able to do upfront limiting to you in terms of play calling?

"I think those things change. We just have to get some bodies on them. With the pressure, there is block pressure.I don't think we were able to make adjustments and understand this is how they're going to play us. It wasn't a shock coming in. We'll get back to work and figure out what we need to do and how we need to do it." 

Have you ever seen DE Myles Garrett play like that before?

"I've watched him a few times. He's a great player. We tried to move the tight ends around to help out. It was the plan." 

You tend to rely on the pass rush.

"Again, in every phase - you can start with me and go all the way down. Whether it's coaching, whether it's our pass rush, their pass rush, their O-line, their ability to hit some plays down the field, penalties, every category. It's going to be the same thing for each one. It's important for us to stick together. If you play like that in this league, if you coach like that in this league, you'll get your ass beat. Plain and simple. We'll be back. We'll get back to work. I know that it's disappointing, but that's what happens when you perform and coach like that."

You tend to hit that theme after losses. Does it resonate with the team?

"You'd have to ask them that when you walk in there. Go ask there. What resonates is that we're going to compete just like we have for a lot of years. This isn't some kind of motivational speech, this is what happens in this league. We're going to have to come back. We're going to have a great week in practice, figure out who we have available, get back to work and figure out a way to win a game at home. Point out the things that we need to work on, get them fixed right away, and keep going. It's a long season, but we're focused on this week." 

When the offense struggles like this, do you worry about it affecting the defense?

"I think the defense needs to focus on the defense. We need to feed off each other. Certainly we have to play better on offense. We have to coach better. Our job on defense is to go out and play defense wherever they have the ball. A lot of opportunities to get off the field on third down and we weren't able to. You can make that narrative, but I don't think that of (Titans DT) Jeffrey Simmons or (Titans S) Kevin Byard or (Titans DE) Denico Autry or (Titans S) Amani Hooker. I think they're just going to play defense whenever they have to go out there. That's their job." 

In the secondary on those calls, what do you tell Titans CB Sean Murphy-Bunting to do?

"I think some of them were holds. Some of them, probably judgment. We're going to play the game aggressively and we're going to try to play square and obviously within the rules. They saw it another way. They obviously saw it a different way. That's what I told them. I said–one, I felt someone might have grabbed him. Another one, it doesn't matter what I think." 

You pulled Sean halfway through the fourth. Why?

"He needed to come out of the game. He was being evaluated." How close is the version of Browns QB Deshaun Watson you saw today to the version you remember of him when he played for Houston?

"I don't know. I don't remember Deshaun from Houston. I just know that he played well today and we had a chance to get him early and we didn't. Kind of started off and then helped him early. Kind of visibility to extend plays. We couldn't wrap him up and couldn't get the ball out." 

Is Sean being evaluated for a concussion?

"Being evaluated." 

When it came to trying to get Titans RB Derrick Henry and Titans RB Tyjae Spears going, you talked about the pressure they were generating. Is that what you expected?

"Sure. Absolutely. It was the whole thing. We're trying to get to the line of scrimmage, the snap count, the combination blocks. That was the goal. Whether we blocked them or it was miscommunication or a lot of different reasons. So that wasn't able to get going. Just too many long yard situations forces you into some difficult down and distances.

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