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Head Coach Mike Vrabel


How much of a gut punch was this loss for you?

Anytime you lose it's a gut punch. We put a lot in to it. We got it started how we wanted to. I give them a lot of credit. We went flat and we weren't able to get anything going there in the second half.

Would you say you went flat emotionally or just in terms of performance?

It's all. It is everybody. The execution, third down, and they hit some big plays. We weren't able to convert in the red zone and defensively we could not stop the run. That was the number one key to the game and that is why you lose, not because you missed a field goal at the end of the game. It's a lot of things up to that.

With it normally being a strength, what was it like to not be able to stop the run?

That is something that we've done a good job of, and this is an unforgiving league. When you don't play your gaps or you don't tackle it's a very unforgiving league, especially with an excellent back.

On the 65-yard touchdown where the Giants wide receiver Sterling Shepard got behind cornerback Kristian Fulton, was it just a blown coverage?

You'll have a chance to ask Kristian (Fulton) here in three minutes when I finish.

Why the issue with the clock in terms of the delay of game penalties?

The one down in the red zone, clearly that was on me. Those are critical. The team bailed me out. I was just trying to look to make sure that we were in the right formation. Normally I would use a timeout, but we just know how critical those timeouts are. The team bailed us out, and then we needed all the timeouts that we could to put ourselves in position there at the end.

Hindsight is 20/20 but would you have rather given running back Derrick Henry the football on third-and-one rather than giving it to tight end Chig Okonkwo?

We go in with a gameplan and there's a short-yardage plan. Some of the stuff that we had prepared for, that was one of the plays. We gave it out to Derrick (Henry) on the Wildcat and that one didn't work either. We just all have to come back, be better, prepare and get ready to go to face Buffalo.

Where was running back Dontrell Hilliard down the stretch as effective as he was early on?

He wasn't available just some of the distance. We'll evaluate him and see where he's at tomorrow.

You have to feel pretty good about some of the things that wide receiver Kyle Philips gave you in this first game.

Those are all secondary, we expect those guys to play well. We have to take care of the football. A lot of good things along with some of those things that are going to get you beat that we have to eliminate. We've been through that. I give the Giants a ton of credit. They stuck around and made the plays that they needed to make, especially down the stretch.

Are guard Aaron Brewer's holding calls something to be concerned about?

I'm not going to even get into that. That's part of the game.

Why did you call a timeout on the last drive?

I was just making sure we wanted it on the correct hash and just making sure everybody was on the same page. We felt good about having 18 seconds. That was something that we'd worked where you could reasonably center the football and put it on the hash that you want and then get back to the line to clock it. We've worked those numerous times. If it gets below that you run the risk of a pile up or the ball getting kicked around or crazy things. I thought we handled that situation well.

Was everything good operationally on the kick?

Just like everything else, if it's a bad play then everybody is included. Randy Bullock has made a bunch of kicks for us, and he'll continue to make a bunch of big kicks for us.

What do you think led to having such a bad day stopping the run?

A good player, poor defense, and poor gap integrity. A couple of times it was edge, sometimes it was inside tackling. We'll have to really reevaluate what we're doing. Give them credit. They were able to run football which was the number one key for us on defense.

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